Monday 12 April 2021
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Mothers and Chain messages

Everyone that’s anyone that has WhatsApp – knows that chain messages are a mother’s best conversation starter.  One would think we all share the same type of mother because they all partake in the forward it to 15 people or more train. Mothers are always doing the most with these chain messages and cannot hide the fact that they believe in them whole heartedly. I for one would just like to someday sit down with the people who create these messages and just try and understand where they come from, as I would like to convey my two cents on it.

Whoever formulates these messages should know that it has our dear mothers beyond paranoid and should turn it down a notch. Chain messages are honestly a tit bit funny, one would literally wake up to a text from mum that says “Your WhatsApp will be shut down if you do not press nine to keep it active”. Now you sit there and question yourself like mum really, like do you really not want me to be off WhatsApp?

Is this your way of wanting to make sure I stay on the App so I receive your texts?  And also how exactly should I press this nine, who should I send it to? All these are questions you would ask yourself because you fail to understand how on earth do they get it right to believe in some of these messages.
However somehow you can’t help but admit that it’s the cutest thing ever that they care so much to constantly caution you and have you on their minds.

I know we’ve all had to sit on WhatsApp to try and come up with a good response that actually indicates that we have read the text and have understood it just to make sure that our mothers don’t feel as if their efforts of messages has fallen on deaf ears.

While we are on this topic, this reminds me of something that happened earlier this week. My mother actually forwarded me a chain message that she had read and as serious as it was I found her response hilarious to say the least.

So the message basically read as “BEWARE, ITS SNAKE SEASON” keep in mind that, that is just a snippet of the information that was included in the long composed text.  After having read the text thoroughly my mum literally got up from her bed to close all the windows in the house and she started asking the entire household if they had received the message she sent and that we should be aware.

So imagine its 30 degrees outside and the entire house windows have been closed, the whole household literally had to sit in the heat because one it’s not your house, you must adhere and two because closing widows was one of the safety tips included in the text. The irony of all this will turn into us having laughed about it and it is actually possibly happening and us receiving the “I told you so” scolding.

I believe that the universe works hand in hand with our mothers, so be attentive to all the chain messages they send you. This is very important for the fact that you do not really want to be stuck in between the whole “You don’t listen nor read” conversation as well.

So to all those that receive these chain messages on a daily basis, keep calm, block the number and just waver on, but mothers also please take note that we do not like chain messages as well.

Let’s try and take a chill pill on those!

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