Saturday 10 April 2021
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It’s a messed up world!

We live in a messed up world and that is a sad reality that we all need  to live with. It’s okay if you choose not to accept it or perhaps know, but choose to ignore. But before you sink in denial just look around you and observe how badly disintegrated this world is.

The interesting thing about this whole mess is that we brought it upon ourselves. Society disintegrated the day we decided to replace reality with plastic. You’ve most probably read this quote somewhere, “People were created to be loved and things were created to be used”, which is true but have you realised how we’ve turned this around? We have chosen to take joy in using our fellow human beings who breathe the same air as us and love things like they could breathe. Other people’s feelings don’t mean anything and we don’t even care how what we do affects them. We find comfort in breaking good people because we believe that being good is a sign of weakness.

The world became a mess the day we decided to date people for sex, money, rides in fancy cars and dinner at fancy restaurants, the day we chose to break families with our new concept of blessers and the day we chose to cheat on people who trust us and lie to those who would believe anything we say. We date people for their looks, pretend to be who we’re not simply to impress them and we keep the mask on until we get what we want.

The media has fed our fears in so many ways, and fueled our desires for so many empty gold-coated barrels, to the point that our connection with other humans has slowly faded into oblivion. We are building a generation that judges and stratifies you based on what you wear, who you know, where you live and what you eat.

It is sad how there are so many broken people out there, working hard to break other people! That’s because people don’t even deal with their issues anymore. They seek comfort in something plastic, rather than facing the cold hard truth- that they are broken and need time to heal.

In our world of disarray, insecurity is the new order of the day. Men feel threatened by women who want to pursue their dreams and women feel threatened by other women who they believe are prettier, more intelligent or more driven than they are. Abused women create the impression of happiness and comfort when truly they may be getting hit and slapped around the house every day. Women suffer at the hands of the people who claim to love them and they are killed because they are ‘loved’.

This whole mess did not occur because things are beyond our control but simply because we are spinning out of control. We use people and we are happy to earn badges for that. We spend our time thinking of how we can escape situations without getting burned. It doesn’t matter if someone else is badly hurt by our actions, as long as we are OK, we can’t be bothered in the least.

This whole world is all messed up in some way or the other. But we cannot leave it this way, we need to clear it up and it starts with you and I.


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