Monday 12 April 2021
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The Undisciplined Child MfK

Some things just won’t change


Dreams are your only opportunity to change things – like the moment when you are walking from the bank after withdrawing your million dollars, only for your stepmom to wake you up from your sleep and you realise what you have in your hands is your phone and the text you never sent last night to your side chick.

But that’s what dreams are all about, a lie that you need to wake up from. But as much as there is a need to wake up, some people refuse to wake up from the lie, and subsequently, some things just won’t change.

But I should admit that the tables have turned ngaa. It’s in this era where a man will approach madam an tell her all he wants is to nut her because he has a fixed madam in his life. And just when you logically think it is impossible, the madam tells him that the feeling is mutual and that she doesn’t mind getting her tips busy.

It was maybe impossible then because everyone thought the altar is open for everyone, but the decrease in legal proposals have pushed our madams to an ‘every woman for herself and God  hopefully for them all.’

The struggle is so real that all of a sudden age is just s number. This statement is loved and despised by whoever wants to use it. For those who wish to have a touch of grey hair, it is indeed just a number. Those who refuse to sleep with their last-born’s playmates and offer their private parts for someone with milk remaining on their tongue wearing BadBoy undies objects the ‘just a number’ scenario.

I’m just here thinking the sight of a comrade who is done making children, in a room with one younger than his own. The same is similarly disturbing of a young one on the mic of uncle bae’s stick. I hear it is all motivated by the lack of stamina anuwa as your Christmas Days surpass the calendar days.

But those are the shockers of life and we kinda have come to accept it. The fact that we have made peace with those not of our intellectual class means that living with them will just help avoid unnecessary friction. Let’s talk about things that you will never see.

Photoshop at its best is when you see a Golf GTI parked at a church on a Sunday. Those niggers like church girls but they don’t like church I tell you. I’m not talking about photoshoots and the comrades who park at the churches at night while they test the car’s shocks.

Ladies, if a man f#cks you in a car, take note that he will never buy a house. Real men know the comfortability required for sex, not the adjusting of some car seat. It doesn’t count sister.

You can’t be screaming like a masturbating cat because you fear the parking security guard thinking some black man left his sausage dog locked up in the car with the windows up.

Also, when he says you are the most beautiful woman in his life – just know that you are not the only one because he meant womEn and not WomAn.

And speaking of things that will never change, just like women cannot go backwards in lifestyle men cannot go backwards sexually. Do not get mad at us; blame the ex-girlfriend or the side chick. It is something close to a dream expecting him to ever come back to you and take you serious.

Once you are an ex, expect no better post even if he comes back with a polished proposal. Sometimes he comes back out of pity or actually just because there is no better, but that does not mean he is done hunting. And I know no normal woman wants to be the last resort.

I also look forward to the day women start paying for sh#t. I mean like buying the first three rounds and paying their own cab home. Women don’t like paying for any shit. Pu##y cost money but d#ck is free.

Anyhow we all know any money spend on d#ck is a bad investment. You tell me men are dogs and no longer gentlemen because we have become self-centered, no, we just woke up. Yes, chivalry is dead, but it is women who killed it.

It is 2017 and things that are supposed to be given on merit of a good proposal now have a price tag. It simply means that if you cannot get it by logic, buying it is also fine. This scenario has been adopted almost everywhere and you know that very well.

Which bring some to my conclusion; do not do things just because you want the reference of an example. Do you when you are ready because you can easily turn out to be the wrong example, or better yet, a lesson for others. and for the lazy ones, your arrogance of comfort is the biggest determining factor of stupidity.

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