Saturday 10 April 2021
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The fight of corruption starts within you

You know what they say, “God created men equally, but some more equal than others” – I do not know whether I made up that quote or I read it somewhere, but truth is some feel more righteous than others.

And there are those who just feel the world is their oyster and ya’ll are just little pawns playing a petty role in the background of their lives- even if that role involves paying full tertiary fees for them.

League of Love
Picture this – there was a certain caption from a magazine that was making some headlines some few months ago. It was about an orphan girl who was taken in by a truck driver, groomed, fed and nurtured, taken to school, she graduated and became a lawyer.

Meanwhile, during all that time they were lovers “probably”, but after graduation and securing a position in the law industry she decided that no, she wants someone of her own ‘calibre,’ someone of her class.

She is a lawyer now, she can’t be seen hand in hand with a “truck driver” now can she? Hell no. So she was there asking for advise on how to leave the “truck driver” and what not.

What would your advice be to her? Must she just leave this guy and forget about everything he has done for her? And must he just man up and let her go? Or must she stay because she is where she is now because of him.

If she chooses to stay, will she be staying because of love or merely out of appreciation? Where do we draw the line between appreciation and love then?

Why can she not just bring him to the standard that is ‘her class’ then – after all she is who she is because of what he made of her?

She could have been on the streets, an uneducated housewife in a little remote village somewhere on the outskirts of town, walking kilometres just to go fetch water and firewood, but no, that ‘truck driver’ as she calls him, saw her potential and invested in her, only to be hit with an “I’m outa you league now”.

Is she even leaving because she does not love him anymore or merely for the fact of what people might say?
Many times we tend to forget, we forget who was there for us in times of need, and we tend to turn a blind eye to that and focus on adhering to a society with norms that doesn’t even pay our bills.

We must understand that society will always have an opinion whether you are doing something good or not. When you are with your truck driver, you will hear comments like ‘Look at that lawyer girl dating a truck driver, what’s wrong with her.’

If she leaves – ‘now that he has made her into what she is, she is now abandoning the poor guy, such an ungrateful witch.’

I guess he must just accept that in this life, whomever we choose to groom, it’s never really for ourselves – we are just making them better for the next person.

You cannot force love, you cannot force a relationship, he’ll just have to let her go if that’s her decision- and there is nothing he can do about it.

All investments come with high risks after all- this was just another one.

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