Saturday 17 April 2021
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Fly away to France with FNCC


Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) launched the “FNCC flies you to France” contest on Tuesday. The contest is sponsored by Air France in partnership with Fresh FM and will give an opportunity to Namibian artists as well as learners of French to stand a chance to win plane tickets to France.

To participate, interested individuals are required to submit a detailed application for an artistic or learning project to be carried out in France. The theme of the project is free, and must aim at strengthening the cultural relations between the two countries. According to the FNCC’s new director, Jérôme Kohl, they want the winners to become Ambassadors of their projects.
The Communications Officer, Alexandrine Guinot, further emphasized that the FNCC wants the winners of this trip to convey the message about their experience and to show others in Namibia which possibilities are open to them.

For artists, projects can range from a solo performance in Paris to a tour of France on the road, showcasing Namibian art to the French public.

On this, Cultural Officer Isabel Katjavivi emphasised the benefit of the learning experience, sharing cultures and benefitting from other forms of arts to enrich Namibian artists’ works. For students, it can be a visit of landmarks studied in class or a discovery of French gastronomy or museums. It could also be a project to study at a French university for a few months.

This competition fits into the mandate of FNCC, aiming to intensify the cultural cooperation between Namibia and France, while promoting and supporting Namibian cultural identity.

However, participants will be required to have the financial means to cover for their own accommodation, food, transport and funding for their projects. The FNCC stated that they are ready to help the participants to find some ways that will sustain them.

Applications should be submitted to the FNCC on or before 25th of October with a full budget on the applicant’s accommodation, food and transport. The application forms are N$150 each.

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