Saturday 17 April 2021
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The Undisciplined Child MfK

Castrate the  coward killers

I can deal with women being exposed (because it’s a learning process) and sometimes being cheated on (don’t be selfish). I can also deal with run-away fathers and all the idiots that poison their one night stands to take the clearance pill. Marra I refuse to be silent on the issue of ‘men’ who feel it is right to take a life of a sister, regardless of the motive.

Today I put my frustrations to paper and with utter disgust and embarrassed to call myself a man just because of a few ‘men’ out there who have decided to distort the definition of a ‘true man’. For one, I respect those idiots who take their own lives for reasons only known to them – those f#ckers are brave because it is a hard one to take your life. But to this date, I’m unable to find the reason why one would take another ones life; especially women who can in no way hurt you.

God created us these harmless beings, very aware that if their physical abilities were equal to ours, it would be a disaster. And since when did we men feel the need to prove anything to this world when almost everything is in our favour? Instead, I thought it was our duty to protect, love and empower the madams.

I know for a fact that women can push us to our edges sometimes. Sometimes even topple us over but if there is one thing they do not do is take our lives. So why the f#ck do you deem it fit to take theirs. God created us already with the physical powers, a threat already to women so there is no way a women can hurt a true and real man – unless you have an extra hole on top of your rectum.

If this is what you call love, then f#ck Valentine’s Day and all the white people who introduced the word and feeling to us. If the definition of love means killing after an argument or the other spouse borrowing sugar from the neighbour, then tell immigrations to deport this white feeling.

For the cowards out there, there are so many women in this country. Many are more beautiful than your current madam. Most of them don’t cheat, just in case your woman has a desire for better. There are even those who don’t back-chat, just in case your rural background favours that you say the last word. So why waste your energy by solving a temporal problem with a solution that brings you no good? Dump her and go for what you think is better.
She is not your f#cken child. If you are so desperate, go and tell your mother that you want to kill one of your many unplanned sisters. If you bought your gun, panga or boxing gloves for a predetermined reason, please, when the need to use them arises, use them on your family. You can start with your mother. But please leave our sisters out. We still love them and they are very useful to the family.

If allowing them to date you was a mistake, kindly inform us and we will gladly reverse it. Since it was an investment and not a relationship, we will gladly pull off a fundraising event and pay back every cent you have spent on her.

You idiots are making us all look bad and I think it’s time we differentiate true men from you mofies. Just because you have a beard does not make you a man, cats are born with whiskers too. Idiots parading to be men and at the same time killing our women deserve to be castrated. You need no balls.

So since our judicial system has also failed us in punishing the culprits accordingly, I hereby propose the following should be done to anyone who touches or in any way physically hurts our women. Any man who lays his hands on a woman forfeits his right of carrying a penis. Since having a penis seems to be the problem and I suppose it gives you a big head to think that you can do anything, we will take it away from you.

Secondly, any man who takes away the life of a woman automatically forfeits his right to carry balls. We will castrate him and make him an ox. Depending on the degree of the crime, we might as well cut off his arms so that he never touches anything in his life. I don’t know if we have people without arms in jail by the way. I’m thinking we also take out his eyes. At least our women will be safe.

Lastly, we must also slap the women dating these idiots so hard that they wake up. If he hits you once, the second time he might turn you into a corpse. A simple sorry does not mean he will not do it again, so accepting it means you giving him a second chance.

While we castrate the idiots that have already lost their right to be called true men, dump that idiot that slept you once, even if it was last year.

So ashamed to be a man…

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