Friday 23 April 2021
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Jamaika Converz debuts with ‘Welcome Me’

Gone are the days in the shadows. Jamaika Converz has emerged from being a back-up dancer to taking center stage with comfort – producing a 13-track ‘Welcome Me’, album.

Previously making his presence felt as one of the dancers behind the ‘International’ hit maker Ees, the young lad teamed up with fellow dancers and became a part time sensation under the name X-Bantuans.

He has now come out as a solo artist and with ‘Welcome Me’ the artist has proven that he is talented as an artist in his own right. The album is a blend of genres with the artist fine-tuning every track.

On the first track, Jamaika starts with a very traditional introduction. He speaks of his roots and what he hopes to bring to the industry.

The second track entitled ‘Long Live Kwaito’ featuring Mabuzza, a track that sets the tempo of the entire album. Having a kwaito dancing background, the young kwaito sensation re-introduces kwaito as it was done  back in the days, while blending very well with Mabuzza. The song sets flashbacks of how the genre used to be done in South Africa and a few other Namiban artists who Namibanised the genre.

On the fourth track titled ‘Omnona’, he locks mics with Makuva, to add another dance-full song that celebrates a long lady who the artists say should be handled with care.

If that song does not get you in the mood to stand up and groove, ‘Skeem Saam’ featuring the greats Magogoz, Barney and Tangos to take a twist of greatness will! The song sets the record straight that one has to have the right combination on a track if they want the best. The artists take time to break rhymes, all coming in unique but keeping the tempo at high.

On the sixth track, the artist takes it alone to produce another melodic song. ‘My Namibian Women’ praises his one and only woman and women at large. At this point of the 13-track compilation, Jamaika slows the rhythm, but proving that he equally has what it takes in the slow tempos.
Fast forward, Jamaika goes on a wild hit titled ‘Live My Life’. The smooth and easy going house flavoured track is another addition of genres that the artist perfects.

He features Ees on ‘Issa Old School’. This is one of many tracks on the albums where the young star matches up with his old time inspiration. Unlike most times where young artists are left to eat dust when they feature big artists on their album, Jamaika stands his ground, shooting high and coming out strong as the big dog, if not better.

Like in many debut albums, ‘Welcome Me’ concludes with three instrumental songs, a relaxed way to end his first offering and leaving his fans to yearn for more.

With his first album, any listener will attest that there is raw talent and hopes that the artist doesn’t become another one-hit wonder. Otherwise, it is a product worth the money and a good addition to music.

Rating: 3/5

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