Wednesday 14 April 2021
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‘Hair Salons’ a females safe haven for GOSSIP

One would think that hair salon walls are the most guarded barriers in the entire world because of the way women get it right to walk into one, share as many tales as they can and walk out as if they were as silent as church mice.

‘How could someone who knows literally nothing about someone else pretend to know so much at the same time?’ is probably a question that a few customers waiting to do their hair would wonder and ponder on.

The most controversial topics are always up for discussion in these places. It just takes one person to kick start it.

Did you hear ‘that A is sleeping with B’s boyfriend while at the same time exposing C and Ds HIV statuses to the entire hair dressing team and clientele.

I remember visiting a salon not so long ago, and throughout my entire wait which was about seven hours, I know being a female sometimes sucks. Customers kept coming in and out before it was my turn to sit and get my hair braided.
A few minutes later in walked this lady who innocently looked like she just wanted to only wash and blow her hair but little did we know that was not the case.

As she made her way to the hair dressers table who was attending to her, it is as if the chair she sat on looked like a stage to her because she started dishing out the hottest gossip on the block just with out a microphone.

Funny enough I could notice how all the other customers started speaking softly and listening more attentively as they watched the lady narrate all these rumours. Yes I would call it RUMOURS because so much was said with no proof attached to it.

So I sat there and thought to myself that this lady legit woke up, drove her car all the way from her house just to come and spread these tales.

Like is everything okay at home? How do you as a person just decide you are going to taint someone’s name and reputation because you cannot keep your mouth closed? However let’s apply the ‘do not throw stones if we all live in a glass house’ metaphor here because we all gossip to some extent even if it is not as extreme.

Anyway moving on let’s not forget to add the icing on top of the cake where you start hearing the many hairdresser in the salon ignite the already burning fire just to hear more.

It would seem as if they cheer on women to keep on spreading gossip by contributing to it but truth of the matter is it seems like some form of a strategy that they use to draw and keep customers at bay but just a piece of advice remember that hairdressers are not your friends because after you leave they start talking about you and to make it worse make fun of you.

Gossiping is the root of all evil but as hard as it may be to admit who doesn’t like to sip on a hot cup of saucy tea on some days.

So if you are going to gossip about someone make sure your gossip fetches you money, don’t just spread and remain broke. Learn a thing or two from Nigeria’s riches gossip blogger Linda Ikeji who made millions from it.

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