Monday 12 April 2021
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APP women get a voice

All People’s Party (APP) will hold its first-ever women’s congress next month since the party’s formation nine years ago.
As the party prepares for its inaugural women’s congress, the party’s outspoken secretary general Vincent Kanyetu was in high spirits, talking about the need to empower women and why widespread representation amongst all age groups in the party is the only way to ensure unity in the party and subsequently ensure that APP remains relevant for many years to come.
He confirmed that the party will host its women inaugural congress next month while its elective congress is slated for May 2018.
Initially, APP’s elective congress was scheduled to take place this year, but due to logistical and administrative hiccups, it was postponed to next year said Kanyetu without going into much detail.
Kanyetu, however, maintained that come May 2018, everything will be in place for the party to hold its congress.
“By congress, everybody must be represented. The youth must be represented. The women must be represented. All the party structures are in place (in 2018),” he maintained.
According to Kanyetu: “APP is party is hard at work garnering support and engaging Namibians at the grassroots level in its quest to garner sufficient support for the next national elections.”
Kanyetu said the party is criss-crossing the country as part of their mission to expand the party’s presence across the country.
Kanyetu also accused government and the ruling Swapo party of mismanaging the country’s affairs over the years.
During the interview that covered several spectrums, Kanyetu said the APP was engaging the general public on various platforms including door-to-door visits, restructuring of the party and adding new members, all in preparation for the envisaged congress.
“We have been talking to traditional authorities and all other people with whom we share common interests about the postponement of the land conference. Our manifesto is very clear.
We are the only party with the land issue and the Nama and Herero genocide issue in its manifesto,” boasted Kanyetu.
Kanyetu added: “We also speak about the ancestral land. We are receiving a lot of people from various political parties. Last month, I personally oversaw the recruitment of 180 of new members, with the majority coming from SWAPO and DTA.”

Land conference
In light of the postponement of the second national conference which was slated for September 2017, the APP politician was quick to note that such a move by government was long overdue.
He said: “From the beginning, we knew it was going to be postponed. Just look at how the pressure groups are arising. Ask yourself why these pressure groups are arising. It’s because of the way government is handling the whole matter of the land.”
According to Kanyetu, the APP believes in what “benefits the Namibian people, irrespective of their political orientation”.
“We are all brothers and sisters as Namibians. Why can’t we sit around the table and discuss what affects us…not the matters that are affecting other people,” Kanyetu pondered.
He went on to say: “Many a times, we take decisions to please other people[countries] which is wrong.
You cannot take decisions or pass laws to please other people. Are we puppets of other people? No, we are not. We are masters of our own country!”
“We have to take decisions and solve matters that are affecting us, our children and the generations to come.”

On government (SWAPO)
In the aftermath of the decision by SWAPO Parliamentarians not discuss the postponement of the second national conference on land and Namibia’s vote against the UN motion to protect (R2P), Kanyetu it is not “always that the majority party is correct and  represents the interests of Namibians”.
The R2P concerns the obligation of UN member states to end human suffering and the protection their rights thereof.
“This is a clear manifestation of who they[SWAPO] really are. Many a times, people have been saying SWAPO is not a democratic organization.
Many a times people have denied from the skies to the Earth that it[SWAPO] is a democratic organization,” Kanyetu stressed.
He added:  “But who can deny now if the first citizen of the republic (President Hage Geingob) is going out to vote against the motion hence we want the Germans to compensate our fellow citizens who have lost their lives?
Kanyetu concluded: “The majority groups are not always right. And it has been proven several times how the governing party wants to do things in Namibia. Even their own structures are not properly consulted.
Only a few rich people who are well-connected take decisions to advance their own interest and those of their children.”

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