Sunday 11 April 2021
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What do they see when they look at you?

I know we all walk with our heads held high, thinking we are holier than thou, going around proclaiming ourselves as Kings and Queens – everyone seems to be wearing an invisible crown nowadays. But fact of the matter is- no matter how royal you think thou are, you are not. You know why? Well, simply because not everyone sees you the same way that you see yourself.

Like imagine this, what do you think taxi drivers see when they look at you standing at the side of the road, a queen of non-existent land? No, taxi driver just sees a bunch of ten dollars waving at him- ka-ching ka-ching.

When you mention a location that’s a bit off like Havana four way or something, I can just imagine the thoughts in his head. It probably sounds like that annoying MTC lady’s voice “ you have insufficient fund to make this call” only in this instance it is saying something else but equally annoying.

But you’ve got to be grateful though, at least taxi drivers see you as something valuable, even though it’s just ten dollars. It’s kind of the same way we look at chickens, you just see KFC. How about how your parents and family members look at you though?

When you are young you are probably just seen as a walking pile of bills. When you grow however, and you probably did good in school and got a nxa job- They start to see the investment.

Don’t you see how angry your parents get when you decide to marry just after a month of your first job. You’ll be encouraged to wait “a little” longer… you think it is for your own benefit but mboli your family just wants to chop your money manga. You’ll realise that suddenly the water bill is always passed your way, there never seems to be food in the fridge anymore…those little things.

I swear black parents are just there to suck the life out of you- you will be drained till the last penny that was spent on you.

Contrary to the fact that when you were growing up it was all talk about how you should study and graduate and be on YOUR OWN. But after graduation and securing a job, you’re stuck in paying for all those bills that aren’t yours to start with, who was paying for them before you had a job by the way? This is why we do not move forward in life.

Funniest and saddest thing though, when you die young, when people are mourning at your funeral it’s not about you, it’s about the bad investment they just made- “If only we knew you were going to die so soon…we would not have paid for all those private schools and paid tertiary and bachelor flats…”.

It is sad, but it is also true- that is the sad reality right there; there is no way they can ever recover their money.

I can just imagine those aunties standing over your grave watching your coffin lowered into the ground, shaking their heads “tala ike…o’two million ayishe yuuka mevi..” (look at that, that whole two million going six feet under).

Why do you think they grieve so much more at a young person’s funeral as compared to an old person- like “Gone too soon, really thought you had your whole life ahead of you to pay us back?”

So what do guys see when they see girls walk down the street?

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