Monday 12 April 2021
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Trends: What’s in for spring?

From the bright and vivid colours to those that convey a sense of earthiness, spring fashion can be a resonant of colours that surround nature. It’s the perfect time to switch up one’s look and go lighter and brighter.

Just a few weeks into the season, whites, pastels, monochromes, prints, metallic and bright colours have been on the trend giving a foretaste of what can be expected this spring. The Lounge spoke to a few personalities to share their personal styles of the season. Personal style is more about curating one’s own versions of said trends, picking and choosing the ones they want to add to their wardrobes.

Justine “Pinky” Kweyo
Justine Kweyo says that spring style should be fun, fresh, light and flirty. “I always try to incorporate pops of colour or florals – anything that just embodies that light and breezy feeling of springtime that everybody seems to love so much. I’ll put clothes on or try looks that make me feel alive and most importantly – young and free,” she says.

According to Justine the spring trend would be-to be oneself – in one’s attitude and in the style they would want to rock.

“Spring is the start of a new seasonal cycle – so I would always encourage people to reinvent themselves. Personally, I love dresses and jumpsuits during spring – and with all the different styles out there, one can portray different vibes with those clothes. Expressing yourself – that’s the trend I’m feeling this spring,” she expressed.

Justine’s 2017 spring must haves include Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in Place Makeup which she says helps to keep one’s face matte and free from oil, slightly bright lip glosses, crossover tanks, block heels, spring sandals, new sunglasses and probably shorts suits.
Check her out @sleepinthe_zoo for more spring styles.

Aina Raiza Kweyo
Aina’s spring style is a mixture of florals, bright colours and urban punk. “I love florals because they represent all things spring, especially cute little floral dresses that you can pair with nice accessories, shades and a hat. In spring we go wild with colour; we stand out just like flowers in the garden.

I mostly use rainbow colours of the pieces I choose to wear, be it shoes, tops or lipstick because of the amount of confidence I ooze when I’m flamboyant. Besides, wearing bright in spring makes you center of attention and I am here for all that bomb.

According to her platform shoes (the shoes that must fall), hats and insta-worth earrings are to die for and a must have this spring. “The sun is hot so you can’t do without a hat to protect your skin and get you December ready. On lazy outfit days I wear earrings that capture everyone’s attention, statement earrings are IT. To keep up with Aina’s style check her out on Instagram @aina_raiza_kweyo.

Reginaldo Marcelino Antunes
For Reginaldo it’s not spring unless there’s a good fresh smell, shades and flux with some bright colours. “My personal take on style is that it’s an expression of personality and how you feel, it should tell the world who you are without you even opening your mouth, thus I like my style to be effortless edgy and non-conformant. Lately I’m into baggy pants, showing skin and knotted belts. For a taste of Reginaldo’s style check him out on Instagram @reginaldomar

Varaakuani “Varaa” Hambira
Varaa’s spring style is influenced by nature and is therefore really about flowery prints and shift dresses with fedora hats, bright colors and rompers. “Spring is a romantic season that signifies new life. I want my clothes to reflect that,” she affirmed.

Rompers are in the trend and she says that spring is not complete without coloured lens sunglasses. However, it’s very important to style them properly because they can look tacky when worn wrong. To see how she rocks spring check out her Instagram page @himba.girl.

Felicia Kiki Mutonga
Felicia prefers her spring style to be very bright and to complete the season bright coloured floral maxis are a must have. “They will never die out,” she says.

Felicia says that fashion from this spring season to next year will be all about the bright colours. “A spring MUST have for me right now is the multicoloured spring trend, Technicolour.

It fits well with; “back in school” fashion trend too. Moreover, when it comes to fashion, I love me some colour. As I would call it, we back in ‘Spring Fever’. My spring style will be all about the yellow’s, the lime punch, Lavender’, the millennial pink, orange etc.,” she shared. Check her out on Instagram @feliciamutonga.

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