Monday 12 April 2021
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The ‘RETURN’ of Salvador

Tina Haulyondjamba

Ever heard of the Japanese Zen saying “fall down seven times, get up eight” which basically translates into ‘no matter how many times you get knocked down, you get up again’. Even if you should fall one thousand times, you just keep getting up and trying again.

As a musician this would probably come in handy as trying to break into the music industry is not an easy job at all.

From spending long working hours of creating and producing songs to winning over a fan base, and breaking in and out of musical groups these are just some of the struggles that an upcoming artists goes through, as it is not all unicorns and rainbows to be exact.

This has been the case for twenty three year old Salvador Mouers who was born and raised in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

As many talented artists would probably tell you their passion for music stemmed from having seen family members do music, for Salvador, this was not the case as he always had a passion for music from a tender age.

He recalls how his love for music was influenced by his childhood friends in 2005 as he started off as a rapper. Known as Young-D then, Salvador’s friends always encouraged him to pursue a career in music as they saw the talent in him.

“They actually told me that I could sing and at the time I had a friend who had all these music programs so we would always go to his house to make music”

Salvador as well partook in producing his own beats and from there on he has been recording but not professionally.

As he continued to narrate his music story with a huge bright smile on his face, Salvador told The Lounge that within that period he joined his first group called Contagious Africa, he recorded an album and a year after that he and his fellow group members parted ways due to financial issues.

In 2010 he decided to pursue a career in music professionally and later in 2013 he then joined another group known as the BVNs as a vocalist among two other rappers which was a Naraville based rap group. Sadly due to circumstances the group split up after things didn’t work out.

“It didn’t work out for the fact that I was in and out of town a lot and making time to record music together seemed a little too difficult”

Years on later in 2015 and 2016 Salvador struggled a bit to break through the industry once again and decided to do music on a down low for those two years and in 2017 he tried to resurface again as a solo artist.

His resurface was greatly influenced by the fact that he recently signed with the award winning magnet record label Done Deal owned by Serbian-born Djokic Dragan, also known as Antonio.

Salvador explained how his now manager, Antonio called him up and offered him a deal.  A so real moment it was for him and this is something he doesn’t think he’ll ever forget as he doesn’t know of artists that just get called up by managers out of the blue.

All this was made possible by his very good friend Monique English, the current NAMA female artist of the year, who he has known and done music with before.

“Monique and I have been doing music together back in the days and upon finding out she scooped up so many awards at the NAMAs, I called her to congratulate her on her wins and as normal friends would joke around. I suggested she hook me up with a manager and surprisingly she came through for me.”

When asked about the genre of music he focuses on, Salvador highlighted that he does not have a specific genre of music that he favors more-as he is able to do anything.

“I don’t believe in limiting nor boxing myself in as I believe in versatility so, I try to work with each genre of music and turn it into my own but if I had to choose I’d probably go for Neo-soul”.

Neo soul as he describes, is basically new soul music which is modern day soul for this era.

Salvador who is currently busy with his first debut album as a solo artist says that he plans on releasing it soon. However, there is no rush as he is not even half way done with his album.

Having shared a platform with well-known South African artist AKA, the young vocalist dreams of one day working with the likes of Chris Brown, Nasty C, TelleMan and many other local artists in Namibia.

The artist is dubbed to be the next big thing, and under the record label that has paved the way for many local artists to getting awards, Salvador is surely on the right path.

Salvador encourages fellow artists that want to pursue music to keep doing what they believe in.

“You will always be the gate way to your own success and to be true to yourself as it is and never will be easy to achieve any of your dreams, but the product of your hard work will always show.”

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