Friday 18 June 2021
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No confirmed NPL sponsors

Two weeks to go before the much anticipated kick off of the NPL, there are still no confirmed sponsors.
But despite that, Chairman Patrick Kauta maintains that the set date is still on.
Two weeks ago, this publication reported on the announcement of the commencement of the league by the chairman, a date widely criticized due to the limited time there is to secure sponsorship and to get the teams ready.
Speaking to The Patriot Sport this week, Kauta said the set date will not change despite the no-show of sponsors. “13 October still stands. So far we have nothing but we are working hard to get all the sponsors on board. It is only the sponsors that are holding us back.”
Last week, The Patriot learned that a Board of Governors (BOG) meeting that was scheduled for 20 September was postponed to 27 September. A letter penned by the League Administrator Joshua Hoebeb sent to the chairman and affiliate member clubs reads; “The postponement of the BOG meeting is necessitated by the ongoing sponsorship negotiations. The Secretariat will communicate the venue and time for the said meeting in due course.”
A day before the promised date [27 September], Kauta sent a mail to the same recipients that read; “There is no BOG meeting tomorrow. We will call the meeting as soon as our house is in order.” It is almost 18 months since Namibians last flocked to the stadiums in support of their favorite teams and with only two weeks to go for the third tentative date, an upbeat Kauta says he is confident that football will start on the set date.
The confident chairman said the time will come [soon] when they will announce the sponsors, thus asking the football fans to wait for “it is still early.” “All we ask from the Namibians is patience. If you waited for a year, you can surely wait for a few weeks,” said Kauta.
Kauta however highlighted that if push come and they find themselves with only one or two sponsors, they will opt for double headers, an option Kauta said is not good for Namibian football; “but football has to start.”
The chairman added that the league fixtures have already been compiled, but will be withheld until sponsorship negotiations are complete.
Early this week, football fans experienced short lived excitement due to a short clip that went viral on social media which announced the fixtures of the first NPL game. The 45 seconds video clip pronounced the first game of the league to be between Tigers and Black Africa at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. The clip concluded with the logos of  MTC, Namibia Breweries and FNB.
The league Executive Committee issued a statement distancing itself from the production of the video, calling it a hoax.

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