Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Worst Thing Ever

I know this happens to the best of us, one day you decide you really want to get your ish together, like really take a grip on life and you know, find direction and all that, but somehow, somewhere something always seem to come up.

Even a simple task like concocting this column is mission impossible, I tell you.

It all starts with a nice lazy Sunday afternoon, but before you know it the week is already over, and you are faced with a pile of red tags / deadlines on your desk. On this side clients are asking for their pictures, the other side you have clients requesting for prototypes.

And then the indecisive ones who don’t seem to make up their minds what it is they really want- is it pink or blue? Decide!

School though, worst! Funny how you get assignment months in advance but you only seem to remember them on the eleventh hour- they’ve piled up. On top of all that, it’s a blank screen- waiting for you suck up five hundred and fifty words out of thin air.

Just when you got ready to start, a call comes in, someone who never really calls; maybe it is urgent- they need your help, you can’t possible ignore that call.

You pick up and the conversation lasts for hours, no years- you don’t even see time fly, too busy cracking you up, you like things mos. When the call finally ends you realise you just lost a whole lot of hours on nothing productive.

After the call you’ll go make a round in the kitchen, it takes you about thirty minutes just trying to decide whether you want butter or jam.

So when you finally get back to your blinking screen, you align your fingers nicely across the keyboard, hoping the ideas will just pop in, and just when you get that eureka moment, you see a ka-notification pop up – Facebook.

You’ll be stuck there for another three hours playing those fortune telling games, how your husband is going to look like, I mean it’s even able to determine how you are going to die.

On top of that you have whatsapp groups, everyone seems so hyped up when you have things to do, so you go on to see what the fuss is all about, maybe there you will find inspiration for your blank column- lies.

After hours of memes and GIFS and cracks and roast you remember your deadlines- you still have no idea what to write about.

Last but not least, the worst distraction ever; YOUTUBE! “I need some meditation music to get me through this” goes onto to Youtube for some classical.

But before you know it, you have watched over twenty Youtube videos on Life hacks, 5 minute DIYs, “10 meowing cats”,“10 cats that will make you laugh”- I’m not even a cat fan, useless stuff but I watch it anyways.

I swear whenever you got something important going on, all these sweet distractions come out of nowhere.
At the end of the day, you’ve done nothing, one hour to go before you have to wake up- you didn’t even blink for that matter and still have a blank screen, no sleep, nothing done- I’m weak!

I swear the devil is real.

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