Friday 23 April 2021
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Business and Love beat the odds…

Sharing a workplace or having the same occupation as your spouse can be daunting. Work discussions can infiltrate family time, and it may be hard to draw boundaries between work and home life. However, with Bosley Keya aka DJ K-Boz and Sally Ephraim Keya it’s a different story.

The couple was recently awarded the ‘Favourite Couple of the Year’ during the Simply You Fashion and Lifestyle Awards and during the acceptance speech Sally dedicated the award to all other celebrity couples. “We go through a lot of scrutiny.Running a household and being in the public eye is not easy because people use you for all sorts of examples. I know how difficult it is to be married and in the limelight when everybody is talking about you,” she said.

The couple says that winning the award was an honour as it shows that the public pays attention. “When I looked at the nominees and the fact that we won I noticed that it was not really a popularity contest but rather the public’s opinion. People chose the couple they like because of whatever reasons there may have. It also showed a different side of the Namibian public that people actually know what they vote for,” said K-Boz.

Sally on the other hand expressed that the award didn’t take them by surprise because when it comes to marriages or relationships in the public one never knows how people perceive them. “To be quite honest whether it had come to us or any other couple it didn’t really matter, because the point is we all stood for something which is unity and family.

“We have seen the effects of married couples especially in the limelight; it has been washed and made to look so petite, like it has no substance and no meaning but this award made me rethink that being married is cool and knowing actually that it’s still a goal to be in a unified relationship,” she articulated.

Being in business together
The couple says that being in business together is normal for them because they have been doing it for a while. Obviously some days are better than others. “There are days when you just don’t agree with each other.”

K-Boz expressed that their work is very easy because they are very straightforward with each other. He also mentioned that their job allows them to be flexible which puts them in a position to decide whether to dedicate an entire week to work or to take at least some days off.  According to K-Boz, creative minds need space to reconnect and that’s why they take time off to just sit at home and relax. “This is also when family time comes in and we spend time with our son. There’s nothing special we are like any other couple, we sit at home and do nothing, we watch TV or browse the internet. We don’t do anything really special but when it’s time to work, we work” he said.
Sally adds that they make sure to give each other creative space and avoid being in each other’s space all the time.This allows them to be individuals and to think individually. Sally laughingly confesses that she has a lot of say when it comes to what she prefers visually or what she would like to write about provided that K-Boz is able to grasp that and make it come to life like in terms of music. “There are moments when we would catch each other’s drifts without saying much or at times I would express how I feel and sometimes he would produce a beat that I would immediately latch on,” she narrates.

The couple also shared that they feed off each other’s energy which enhances
the creative side.

“We are completely silly with each other because that’s the only way we could be ourselves. If we were to put restraints on what we say or do then that’s going to be a problem. So usually when we are done with our work, we look back and judge it together,” they say almost in unison.

“He has a lot of say when it comes to my visuals and I give him the freedom to scrutinize my work. What people don’t know is that he’s so creative, he knows how to breakdown my artistry and he’s able to put it down for a director to understand what I mean exactly whereas when I attempt to explain and people wouldn’t understand. We also respect each other and we know our strengths and weaknesses. I know where his strength lie and I wouldn’t dare and try to tell him what to do. I allow him to be who he is which also helps me in return,” narrates Sally.

She further avowed that K-Boz has directed a lot of her visuals which determines the nature of her work. “I do not listen to him because he’s my husband but I listen to him as DJ K-Boz, because he’s been in the industry way longer than me,” says the ‘Boss Madam’ hit maker.

The couple asserts that communication, commitment, patience and discipline make their business thrive. “It’s easier for us to communicate because we are constantly together and we have the same goals in building this ‘Boss Madam’ brand. Therefore, all the effort and everything that we put in goes into one pot. Another thing is commitment. Business can be daunting and stressful at the same time especially when you work and live together.

Discipline is also a very important aspect of our business. We know when to switch on and when to switch off. When we are working we are business partners and therefore we make business decisions and do what’s good for the business. After five it’s home time so we get the business out of the way and chill. Patience is also another thing about business especially in the music industry, because it requires a lot of constant investment.

To be honest we don’t have this whole thing figured out, it’s not like any of us has been married before. We take it a day at a time, as it comes we tackle everything. There are things that come and they are just too tough that we can’t handle so we just let it go. Or at times when we go through something that we experienced we try to tackle it differently,” they expressed.

“We do not deal with the public when it comes to our personal lives because at the end of the day it means letting you into our lives and we have to deny or accept. We would let you make assumptions but we won’t give you the satisfaction of justifying our actions.

With everything that comes up we always say that time will tell. We’ll answer you when it comes to music because that’s our business with the public. What we wear, how we look like, what we eat and what’s in our house is none of your business. Judge us according to our work and not who we are,” they conclude.

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