Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Traveling is Indeed Cheap

The world is your playground and it awaits for you to explore it. Traveling being inexpensive is just not a saying that people throw around, because I can attest to this.

A stroll through my travel journal, I have had the opportunity to explore eight out of 14 states in Malaysia as well as Thailand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

I realised that I experienced the best times of my life through seeing parts of the world with little money especially as a student.

However keep in mind that every little cent counts. That is why before you decide to go on a trip make sure you budget wisely for it by allocating enough money for transport, food and accommodation.

In addition also search the internet, that is why it was made – for discount codes or promotional packages on some fun activities that would require you to probably pay for.

One of the few life hacks I make use of during my travels, is to always look for backpacking hostels that offer free breakfast in their packages, that are also safe enough to stay at which have proved to be so much cheaper than normal hotels or Bed and Breakfasts.

In simple terms, if you think about it – where you sleep does not really matter but the experience you get from it is what does.

As a traveller one should also never forget to stash some “kaching kaching” away on the side.

I call this emergency money which you definitely should have because just like everything in life, we don’t always get to control what happens in it. With all the serious stuff out of the way, you as a traveller can now look into finding free activities such as visiting art galleries, different beaches, old historical buildings and various sightseeing places.

Sharing your amazing low cost experience online with friends and family brings forth a new exciting want for others to want to do the same and it’s a fun way to get a group of people to travel with you as well.

The best part about it all is that you get to meet amazing people who are also in pursuit of a unique experience just like you are.

Some travellers could also give you better travel tips for a next journey you may feel like taking in the near future as well.

Make sure to always be safe and move in groups with other tourists, ask for help when you are not too sure about something because trust me, there is always someone who is genuinely willing to help when you are in need of assistance.

Make the moment count, have a bomb a## time and do away with the notion of traveling being expensive because with such a mind-set, clearly you as a person would then never want to travel.

Trust me, it is one of the best things ever and you get to learn a lot about other cultures and way of life because as an individual one should never limit themselves from learning.

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