Monday 12 April 2021
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Beauty is the new HUSTLE

The beauty industry is growing by the day and at a  steady pace.

In a time where it is almost impossible to find a job – qualified or not –  many young people have resorted to creating their own employment – making others look beautiful. It seems to be one of the few inviting grounds many young ‘beauticians’ are finding fit to make a living.

The hustles are on fleek with face beats, manicure/pedicure, getting the right flex and curls, and then the lady that decides to hold the camera – thanks to self-taught knowledge on Photoshop to perfect the photos for the coins. The beauty industry has become the new hustle ground and just like other needs, it is a service that many will need at one point or the other.

The emerging trend of businesses has been coming for some time, being stretched by university students who find it hard to make ends meet. The routine in varsity is quite basic: class on weekdays and partying on weekends and the process repeats itself until recess. But for the few enterprising and forward-thinking students, there are countless opportunities to make an extra coin in campus.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from with in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart.This is the opportunity that former University of Namibia student Selma Uugwanga grabbed with both hands to make a living.

“After getting her student refund in 2014, she decided to take the gamble and put the money to something she has always wanted to do, create beauty. “Varsity was a hustle and at times I found myself doing nothing. The money my parents were sending was not always enough so I needed extra money.

“I used my refund to enroll for a week long course where they trained me on manicure and pedicure, the basics and enough knowledge to start off. The investment was worth it.”

Selma’s nail technician career subsequently started by doing her  friends’ nails for free. As time went by, she was beginning to perfect her skills with most of her clients coming back for more. That is when she realized she needed to start charging.

“I love making people look beautiful and it was just the best destruction from school because I could pay for extra expenses. The ladies loved what I did with their nails and they helped the business grow because they would always refer clients to me. Before I knew it, I had a circle of friends who knocked on my door because they just wanted the best of looks on their hands and feet. Of course, the money was also coming in.”

Selma says women like and deserves to look good and hence providing a service that is a daily need is an opportunity to meet the hustle, especially when you do it well. Now having a firm foot in the industry, she decided to enter another beauty business avenue.

She says she always loved playing with make-up and hence wanted to try how other people would welcome her talent. This time around, she taught herself by doing trails on herself and people at home. With her clients, then noticing the compliments that came after the face beat, Selma decided to attach a price tag to her work which earned her a second income.

“I’m a sucker for beauty and making people look beautiful. It is a ladies thing now and the make-up industry is growing by the day. What I like about it is that there is space for all of us to coexist, and when you are good at what you do, you can flourish even better.”

Selma, a qualified Social Worker, is still hunting for employment. For now,doing nails and face-beats keeps her going financially. But not only that, she is doing everything she loves. Gifted are those who make good use of their hands and talent and Selma says she refuses to sit idle waiting for a job.

She has now become a one stop self-taught beautician for a perfect face-beat and touch of explicit nail-do. She has been busy the past few weeks with grade 12 girls who wanted to look good for their matric farewell.

“The wedding seasons will start soon so that is my next target. Every woman needs a face-beat and I really do not mind making them look the part. While I still wait to get a job, I will continue doing what I love and be able to pay my bills.”
As if doing nails and make-up is not enough, Selma has no time to rest as she continues to open doors to supplement her current income. For the past three months, she has been doing cards for all occasions. She does the cards in her free time when there are no make-up and nail clients. Just a few months into her new venture, she says she has received a number of orders to do mostly wedding cards.

The beauty industry is growing at no limits and a few have taken the opportunity to make a living off the daily services. Established businesses are getting a run for their money. “Whether this is a great move, what is obvious is that there are answers to individual hustle. The beauty industry has made its growth, but there are other avenues. Stand up and do something. Do not bury your non-academic aspirations.”

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