Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Utoni Nujoma must go-LPM

The postponement of the much-awaited second National land Conference is an ‘epic failure’ which reinforces the need to have Land Reform minister Utoni Nujoma and the ministerial leadership removed, the Landless People’s Movement says.
The movement accused the ministerial leadership of being incompetent and lacking interest to address the land question.
In a brief telephonic interview with The Patriot, one of the LPM founders Henny Seibeb tore into the ministry’s leadership.  “It[postponement] is a an epic failure. Government was not prepared. The minister[Nujoma] is incompetent, he has no clue (of ) what he is doing. The whole leadership must be removed. Their only agenda was to frustrate those who are landless,” charged Seibeb adding that the minister has no interest in solving the land question that has rocked Namibia for the past 27 years.
Seibeb added: “They never had the interest of Namibians at heart. They are just opportunists. That’s why we are advising the president[Geingob]…remove the current minister. Remove the Permanent Secretary and also the director of land reform…they have no clue. If they were genuine, they could have had inclusive consultations with all the stakeholders for the land conference already.”
Seibeb said Geingob must appoint an independent commission composed of researchers and academics to compile studies as to how other countries have gone about to address their land matters.  Seibeb added: “The conference was doomed because the land reform ministry was not ready. It did not consult all the stakeholders, especially the critical ones, the LPM and AR. So we welcome the President’s gesture.”
“Secondly, we reiterate our call for the functional nincompoop Utoni Nujoma to be removed from that portfolio with immediate effect because he has failed. Remember, he has failed thrice now. Last year, the land conference was postponed. This year, the land bill was postponed. Again, this year the land conference was postponed. This means the minister has failed.” Efforts to get comment from Nujoma proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered after several attempts. Nujoma did not respond to a text message sent  to him by the time of going to print.
Furthermore, seemingly agreeing with Seibeb was SWANU president Dr. Tangeni Iijambo who accused government of being ill-prepared and uninterested in addressing the land issue.
“That[postponement] just shows that government was ill-prepared and it had not properly planned and properly consulted. So far, the only party that has offered a position paper on land and the land conference is SWANU. We are the only party that has planned and knows what we are talking about in terms of land. So the postponement just shows they are ill-prepared and maybe not interested in the land issue. Because if they are interested, it’s they are either trying to show lip service or are pri-ving on ignorance of the Namibian people.” said Iijambo.
Last week, SWANU launched its position paper on the envisaged land conference in which it stipulated the objectives and probable outcome of the conference thereof.
Iijambo said SWANU’s position on the land conference was a comprehensive one which seeks a thorough research on the nitty-gritty aspects surrounding the land question, these includes: how land was taken from indigenous Namibians and redistributed to the colonialist, how virgin land can be used and how town land can distributed fairly.
Last week, President Geingob indefinitely postponed the second national land conference– exactly eight months after he set aside the month of September 2017 for the awaited conference – citing lack of proper consultations with relevant stakeholders.  Late last year, Geingob in a similar fashion postponed the second land conference due to financial constraints and as such, it remains to be seen as to whether a land conference will ever take place.

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