Sunday 20 June 2021
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The Tables are Gona Turn

From the day you were born till the day you die, there shall always be expectations, whether it is expectations from oneself or from those closest to you, sometimes even those that you don’t even know. The worst thing about expectations – they just never size up to reality.

Started from the bottom
When we were kids, we could not wait to be adults – independenT and what not. We had big dreams, some wanted to be doctors, now they are cleaners others wanted to find the cure for AIDS- now they have AIDS. But anyways, just look at us now, the adults we so badly wanted to be. Not anywhere close to achieving those childhood dreams, but also realising that adult life is not as great as one envisioned, some of you at thirty one and still not emancipated- you’re after all still staying in your mother’s house, what did you expect? If not “my house my rules” tune over and over again.

Keeping up with the KaFakesians
What about the virtual slaying queens and kings – the social media “haves”? They always make you feel some type of way, because they seem to have it all – maybe some do. How do they manage to afford all that, I bet their closets must be as big as the entire Legit store, can’t even think of the bank accounts, must have been accidentally debited with 14mil from NSFAF or something.

But the sad reality; These girls go around borrowing each other’s clothes just to snap pictures and post on Insta. No wonder you don’t see them wearing the same clothes twice- it was not theirs to begin with.

And that guy that DMed for your number and you gave it because you saw pictures of him with all those Vraapaas and coast “chip-in chip-out” snaps, I actually saw him struggling to get cab to Otjimuise with N$ 8.45 the other day, and every day since. Don’t be intimidated by social media, as much as they are flaunting them pretty perfectly aligned faces on Insta and Snapchat, they forgot that reality does not offer such filters – so you cannot just airbrush away those pimples. Trust me on this one, when you see them in person, you would not even hesitate to enter Miss Namibia.

So before you go on beating yourself up over such petty stuff, remember “seeing is not always believing”.

Varsity Never Loved Us
School expectations are the worst! Do you remember entering those tertiary doors in your first year, you were probably the top dog back in high school- whether socially or academically, so you thought that tertiary will just be a breeze.  Kante no, the reality about varsity is that tables turn bra.

You probably had plans to get distinctions in all your courses, imagine the chunks of discount you expected to get from each distinction. But look at you now, do you even know how getting a sixty feels like? You’ve been at tertiary for over two and a half decades and still counting. No distinctions, changing courses faster than you could say POLY to NUST. When your old high school mates meet you on campus they go like “Hi bro, how’s that masters course going” and you’re just like…nah man I’m doing my fourth degree now (but you never completed any of the others).

I swear, in life, just dive in, don’t have any expectations, you will be disappointed. Such is life.

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