Monday 19 April 2021
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NPL to start on 13 October – Kauta

…no confirmed sponsors

Newly appointed Namibia Premier League chairperson Patrick Kauta ambitiously announced that the league will start on 13 October. The announcement has been communicated to the league teams early this week in short of a sponsor.
Not more than a week in office, the new chairperson says the nation has been deprived of football for long and hence the people’s game should start with whatever resources are around while other logistics follow.
“The NPL will start on 13 October 2017. We are engaging the sponsors First National Bank, Namibia Breweries and MTC to come on board,” said the optimistic Kauta.
Kauta, who is also the African Stars boss, is deputized by Black Africa’s Kandas Paulino, who both walked into the positions uncontested. Rundu Chief’s Thomas Shapi, Tura Magic’s Peter Nakurua, Young African’s Marley Ngarizemo, Civics Victor Amunyela and Eleven Arrows Gabriel Tjombe make up the seven members executive committee – a team that is said to behind the pronouncement.
The date 13 October is exactly five weeks away, a rather short time to steer the mud-stuck boat again. Critics have labelled the announcement as rather premature and creating unnecessary pressure on the newly appointed management.
Early this year, the then ‘interim committee’ jumped the gun in March to say the league will kick start on the Founding Father’s birthday – 12 May. The announcement turned out to be a short-lived hype that never materialized to date. Infightings between the NPL and Namibia Football Association irritated the sponsors to pull out, asking the two to put down their flames.
Four months later, we have the same pronouncement of a sequence devoid of concrete and tangible answer to the question – how?
“There is no mention of preseason games. Also, to get a team and the technical staff, you need money. So how do you make an announcement like this when there is no money at the moment? They were just to wait and announce everything when they get a sponsor. It is just wrong. But we will wait and see,” criticized a sport analyst who prefers anonymity.
Furthermore, Kauta mentioned that once they get the sponsorships, they will then advertise for the Chief Executive Officer position and other vacancies that need to be filled. In the letter sent out to the clubs authored by League Administrator Tovey Hoebeb, the NPL Secretariat will be meeting with the NFA Exco tomorrow. A BOG meeting is scheduled for 20 September. The NPL will have an ordinary Congress on 04 October and 11 October is marked as the tentative date for the launch of the league.

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