Saturday 17 April 2021
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Décor Trend Predictions

And so we have passed the middle of 2017, and boy has it flown by! I can clearly feel spring in the air. But what new design trends can we expect over the next year? Lets look at what the overseas market predicts.

In my January article I reported that geometric patterns will stay with us throughout 2017, but it seems that predictions are that its popularity will grow and will not be limited to scatter cushions, fabrics and rugs, but will be seen more and more on finishes such as wallpaper, tiles and even wall art.

The décor market craving for natural wood is ever growing stronger, as can be seen in all the decor retail outlets. Hand crafted wooden planters, bowls and candlesticks come to mind immediately. They are simple yet striking, adding an interesting element to any rustic décor style.

In terms of colour schemes, the big trend will lean towards bright and strong shades. Pantone, the colour expert, predicts pinks, blues, violet and turquoise. A bit intense to my liking. But lets see how I feel in a few months as I have realized that I am usually subtly influenced over time.  Other forecasts however also lean towards warm earthy colours. Black will become the new white.

Wallpaper is another trend that has made a comeback over the last couple of years and will stay, I expect for a while still. Designs in bold patterns or natural textured will be found widespread.

Marble will grow in popularity and will be seen as side and coffee table tops. Especially in “greige”, grays and black. In kitchens they will remain a favourite, but as technology advances, marble counter tops will become increasingly thinner overtime. Just keep you eye open in décor stores and you will notice tableware in faux marble finishes.

In furniture design we are expected to see more curved and comfy shapes. Velvets will remain well-liked. Fringing is expected to make a big comeback. From scatter cushion edges, lampshades, and as skirts for sofas and ottomans. It will not be limited to fabrics such as leather and yarn, but will include feathers, glass, metal chains, strings of beads to name a few. I am not sure I am looking forward to this trend, but looking at some of the images on the Internet, I will probably be able to live with it for a while.

Metal finishes, natural stone, wicker, indoor plants and faux furs will remain trendy.

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