Thursday 15 April 2021
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She Sex Thou Payth

I know the Bible says go out there and multiple right- yes I’m quoting the bible! And our government also encourages population growth right? Like come on, even me myself and I (yes I sound like Bonang) as an entrepreneur I am in full support of population growth, exponential growth would be good- but a parabolical approach would be nice, as long as we do not hit rock bottom upon decline.

But seriously, why can’t we all just drop your pants and start multiplying already, how am I going to become a millionaire over night with a population of only two point something million?

I want to do it the right way you see, not tenderpreneuraly nor pu##ypreneuraly nor corruptpreneuraly… just right, like I dream of just selling a one dollar product to twenty five percent of the population and just like that puff!- I am a millionaire already. But at who’s expense though- this population growth?

There is only one way of increasing a population and that is through sex- like sexual intercourse – okay you get what I mean. But my question to you is, who can afford to have sex? Everyone right? I think not.

Was it only me or did everyone see the twenty one year old lady that has already conceived six children-at her young and tender age- not that there is a problem with that, and it was different sets of twins after all? Well I personally think there is a problem, especially when you can not afford to feed those kids.

There are plenty of family planning options out there, do they use them? Na. Government will support mos. But hasn’t government spent enough already? Should government really be going from door to door for child support? Do you even know who government is? – Government is not  your ‘Sis Dolly’.

Do you think government doesn’t want to hit it raw too? They do, but they understand the consequences, they don’t want to burden other people with their results of monumental pleasure so they keep it in their pants or bare the pain of injections and hormonal imbalances of the pill- it’s called family planning- and its free-government made it free for you.

I personally think we should act on suing our parents for birthing us into poverty.

Secondly, I don’t know if baby dumping has actually subsided or the media just got tired of it that they don’t report it as much anymore. But I clearly do not understand why you’d carry your fetus for over nine months only to birth it and dump it in the bin- does that makes sense to you?

It’s understandable that perhaps you can’t afford the child, and maybe it’s a result of some dreadful act of rape perhaps or alcohol… But still, for all those nine months, you could really not think of anything else but a bin?

So many people you could talk to, so many orphanages you could have dropped it off at, but no you choose the bin.

Well, there’s only one good punishment for this deed and it’s indeed not prison. I would personally sentence you to serving your precious child bearing years in an orphanage- to care for all those motherless children.

I need a “DUMP YOUR BABY HERE” haven for unwanted children, I need to become a millionaire, hallow!

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