Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Mbumba pushing Geingob’s endorsement

SWAPO’s regional coordinator for Khomas Region, Elliot Mbako, has publicly endorsed the re-election of President Hage Geingob for another term, a move that has irked several leaders in the region.
It is understood that after a newspaper article appeared in the weekly Confidente newspaper last week, party secretary general Nangolo Mbumba summoned Mbako to his office and ordered him to publicly endorse Geingob.
Soon after receiving the order, sources say, Mbako convened a meeting with all 10 district coordinators to relay the message of Mbumba and at that point it was decided that a press conference would be convened on Friday morning to publicly endorse Geingob.
Surprisingly, according to Regional Executive Committee(REC) insiders, last Tuesday Mbako briefed the REC on the outcome of the recently-held CC meeting and told them that the CC did not endorse Geingob, hence the region should wait for CC to pronounce itself before endorsing Geingob.
“It came as a surprise to many of us when Mbako pushed for the endorsement of Geingob, just two days after he told us that we will wait for CC to pronounce itself before following suit. We all agreed to wait until he made a U-turn on his own promise,” said the source.
Information at hand indicate that Mbako only invited district coordinators to the Thursday meeting that rubber-stamped the endorsement.
“He was supposed to call for a fully-fledged REC meeting where all 32 members are present,” said the source.
At Friday’s press conference, Mbako said the decision to endorse Geingob is valid.
“That is how democracy works, there will be those who hold different views but in the end the majority wins, and that is what happened in this case,” said Mbako while responding to questions from the press.
Meanwhile, the matter has spilt the region in two and is expected to impact on the upcoming Congress.
Mbako, with Margareth Mensah-Williams seated by his side, announced that “Dr. Hage Geingob will be uncontested, for we rally behind you in full force.
We must maintain stability and consistency as well as contribute to nation-building. I urge all Khomas Regional Delegates to not only support and vote for the President, but they must also support any candidate put forth by the President, for he must work with comrades he trusts, and who are a heartbeat away from the Presidency,” Mbako said while also taking a swipe at “people trying to destabilise the party from within”.
He added: “That is what Cde Pohamba did; he nominated Cde Hage.
Geingob as his deputy president of the SWAPO Party and appointed him Prime Minister to succeed him as he did indeed.”
His comments came days after the party’s highest decision-making body, the central committee, steered clear of endorsing Geingob.
But Mbako, who was also part of the CC meeting, out rightly endorsed Geingob and asserted that “as a SWAPO family we will assist selflessly in building the Namibian House”.
Many of those who have decided to follow Geingob’s school of politics, instead of providing tangible reasons why Geingob should be affirmed as president, have resorted to politicking by merely stating that re-electing Geingob will be in line with SWAPO’s culture of giving the president a chance to serve two terms.
So far, a contest for SWAPO’s presidential seat is a mere figment of imagination since none of the party members have come out openly declaring their willingness to challenge Geingob.

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