Monday 17 May 2021
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So many rights, being different ain’t one

Have you ever done something so normal, that normal people actually tend to turn and enquire if you have forgotten to take your meds that day? If not, shoot yourself, while at it, hang yourself too, in the hall of shame.

I believe that your every new encounter should be like- “You’re different, but I like you”- which I do not normally really understand but so what –It is a compliment no? “Well, I don’t like you, haha!”

It is so difficult not to like “different” like it should be a crime to be normal, where is the fun in that? Just blending in the grey- nah fam you’ve got to stand out- and it is not by choice, it just comes naturally, that’s just who we are, that is just who I am.

Some people are born different you know, like you had absolutely no take on how you should be conceived, whether you should have big eyes or big feet, a giant forehead or be as short as a midget, not by choice- you are just made differently.
But thinking differently though, that is a bonus, and not everyone out there can master it, it’s a gift really- and I am gifted, don’t mean to brag (but I just did).

For once I even thought that we had no choice in choosing whether we are born a girl or boy…you see I deliberately chose not to use “gender” or “sex” because I do not know the difference; but anyhow, it turned out that people can actually choose that, like you’re born a “boy” but you choose to die a girl- I really didn’t know this.

The constitution does grant everyone the right to be anything they want to be  right, do whatever you want, so why be bothered by what people do with their lives.

I always say- if it does not affect you in anyway- it is none of your business. So what if he now walks like he’s trying to hold in a fart? Is that any of your darn business?

Just remember this, when you were born, you were guaranteed two things in this world, life and immediately or much later-death.  Anything in between is just space to fill up till you die- so does it really matter if you spent that precious time on a pole, showing your butt off on national television?

Or accumulating wealth by opening your legs to every potbellied fat wallet out there? Does it? Does it really? Is it not just the end goal that is the point of the matter?

And mind you this, by the end of our lives- which funny enough do not end at the same time; none of us know whether we are going to get a trophy at the end of that line called life, so my advice to you is go out there, dare to be different, let the nipple free, make them balls hang- just be you man!

Because being you, is being different already- unless of course you’re an identical twin- bugger that- tricky-bit.

Lastly though, stay afraid, do not dare to be different, while you snoozing and trying to fit in- we are moving along with our dirty all stars like; bye Felicia, just smile and wave

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