Wednesday 12 May 2021
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A luxurious bathroom

Most of us, male and female, love the indulgence of a bit of pampering. Nothing beats a long candle lit bubble bath. We all start our day in front of the mirror getting ready for the day and then again getting ready for bed at the end of the day. So why not make sure that your bathroom is an actual room and not only tiles, sanitary ware, mirrors and glass. A luxurious bathroom does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are a few tips to help you create a comfortable and lavish bathroom.

For me the first must is a sumptuous area rug. Nothing is worse than getting out of a warm shower or bath onto a cold floor, forget the danger of slipping and hitting your head. And I hate jumping from the one small bath mat to the next in an attempt to avoid the icy floor in winter. Try and cover as much of the floor as possible, especially those areas in front of the basins, bath and shower. For an awkward shaped room, overlap rugs. A rug is also an excellent way to bring in some texture and colour into a potentially boring room. But there are a few things to consider when selecting a rug for a bathroom. Make sure that the composition of the rug permits it to get wet. It should also be able to dry easily, therefore not to thick. Ensure that your selected rug can also be washed to keep it clean and hygienic. If slippery, add a slip-resistant under layer.

Very few bathrooms have enough space to allow more than a few small décor pieces. Therefore make use of the wall space available. Start with a statement mirror and install a small foldaway mirror for applying make-up or shaving. Adding wallpaper or decorative tiles to a focus wall will also add interest and character to a bathroom. But remember that this could be a bit more expensive and you could become tired of it over time, so think carefully before adding them. Also make sure that any wallpaper selected is suitable for a bathroom, therefore moist resistant and that it can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Painting a wall in a different colour than the rest of the rooms, could be equally effective and is way less expensive (and easy to change once you get bored with it).

Enough storage is an absolute prerequisite for a comfy bathroom. For bottom cabinets drawers are best. Floating shelves will create additional storage space on otherwise empty wall space, for example above the toilet. Try and arrange items nicely to avoid a cluttered look and invest in some stylish baskets and/or glass containers to store loose items in.

If the bathroom is large enough, add a chair or ottoman on which clothes can be placed on or which to sit on when putting on shoes. If not, make use of a multi-purpose laundry basket that can also serve as seating when necessary. Make sure that towel railings are installed close enough to the shower and bath to reach easily. If not possible, a stool on which to leave the towel will be a great idea. When you have a freestanding bath, add a small side table on which to place items such as soap and candles.

For a trendy look, ensure that taps, handles, railings and other fittings are as far as possible in the same finish. E.g. brushed mat stainless steel. If electrical requirements permit, include a power socket to make using a hairdryer or shaving easier.

Lighting plays an important role in a bathroom. Task lights will allow you to apply make-up or shave more effectively. A water-resistant down light above a shower will throw light to a potentially dark corner. Ambient lighting will add to the mood of your bathroom. A chandelier hanging over a freestanding bath will always be gorgeous. A dimmer switch linked to your general lighting source will allow you to set the mood in the bathroom, making that bubble bath by candle light so much more luxurious.

And who said a bathroom should not include some art. If you have enough wall space, hang a gorgeous piece of art of your choice. This will make the room even more personal, transforming it from a bathroom into a room. For a final stylish touch, add flowers or plants to your bathroom décor.

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