Friday 14 May 2021
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Mbumba violating Swapo Constitution-Kamwi

Perhaps none was more eloquent than that of Swapo Party central committee member Richard Kamwi who accused Nangolo Mbumba of continuously violating the party’s Constitution and dishing out preferential treatment to some party members for reasons only known to him. “Mbumba is constantly violating the party constitution for reasons known only to him and those who stand to benefit from what he is doing.  What he is doing is wrong and it must be addressed because the treatment accorded to party members differs depending on who you are,” charged Kamwi during an interview with The Patriot this week. Kamwi accused the top leadership of the party for causing the infightings and political wrestling going on in the party. “Take for instance the case of [Bernadus]Swartbooi, we all know the disciplinary procedures were not followed but the Politburo went ahead and disciplined him. In Swapo, irrespective of what crime you have committed, the Constitution makes provision for a disciplinary process,” he explained.

He added: “Nowadays Mbumba takes decisions in his own hands because it seems to us the Politburo has become the central committee as well as the disciplinary committee.” “We are surely living in a new dispensation in Swapo where the leadership rule through fear,” said Kamwi who revealed that the 84-member central committee of the party hardly discuss substantive matters when they meet. “All we do in those meetings is argue, people can even argue that two plus two is not four to suit their own agenda,” he said. Meanwhile, another party top dog Kazenambo Kazenambo has also come out questioning the recent happenings in the party. If this is not a defining moment for Swapo, Kazenambo said, nothing ever will be.

He says the party is preaching that it is run on the ideals of democracy but the actions tell a different story. “We are living under a dictatorship under the guise of fake democracy. The tyranny and juxtapose military by which the party is governed must be stopped,” he charged. He also accused the current leadership of being insecure. “They see ghosts everywhere but they must not provoke some of us who are living our lives without bothering anyone,” he warned. Kazenambo fumed at vice president Dr. Nickey Iyambo who recently claimed that former president Hifikepunye Pohamba had recalled Kazenambo from his Cabinet post. “Iyambo is a man I had great respect for but this KK obsession must stop. I must not be made a scapegoat, hence I condemn his statement and he must publicly apologise for it,” he said. Kazenambo said he questioned Iyambo about the remarks in last week’s Politburo meeting that was also attended by Pohamba.

“I asked him in front of president Pohamba and he acknowledged that what he said was not accurate, so why is he not apologizing publicly like he said it? Why must I be made a reference point to justify an illegal recall of a comrade?” he questioned. He added: “I was not brought by them in Swapo so they must leave me out of their list of failed politicians which they have drawn up.  We know who the failed politicians are in the party, some of them are there in the presidency. If they push me I will reveal the names because we campaigned for some of them and removed them from the political wilderness now they want to come and trample on others. My being in Swapo has nothing to do with them.” “That is why I chose not to be part of this administration, it is because of this mess.  The show is on and I would rather watch from outside while they broadcast their fake democracy that they preach. You do not declare yourself as a democrat, your actions must dictate and you must walk the talk,” charged Kazenambo who says there is a campaign to vilify him.

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