Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Luis Munana Launches ‘Waka Waka Moo’

The fashion model and TV presenter Luis Munana launched a Namibian cartoon show ‘Waka Waka Moo’ last Saturday in Windhoek. The show which targets kids from the ages of four to twelve, features some of Namibia’s renowned personalities.

Luis said that the aim of the show is to preserve the Namibian story by making it relevant, fun and exciting. “It is important for children to watch programs which speak to them because that is how generational wealth starts,” he said.

“I saw my nieces and nephews watching cartoons on DSTV and they would always repeat the words spoken and sing along to whatever it is they were watching. So it hit me, these kids could actually be watching cartoons in their own language as well as English. They could be learning about their history and culture through TV.

The name Waka Waka Moo dates back to 2014 when Luis represented Namibia at Big Brother Africa. “Our very first task was to put together a musical. Our head of house selected all the musically gifted housemates to be part of her team and left me in a team with people who didn’t really have a musical background. I took it upon myself to write the musical and script the play for everyone in my team.

The odds were against us but somehow my team won! The 40 million African viewers preferred to vote for my team and we won the task. The musical was called “Waka Waka Moo”. It stuck with me and I decided to develop it into a kids program because of how childish and silly our musical was, and was based on live animated characters,” he reminisced.

Speaking on behalf of the Namibian Film Commission, Kamati Shikundu expressed pride in being part of the project saying that the commission strives to make improvements in children’s life and provide help for families with their children.

“We know kids have always loved TV channels and now, in an exciting digital world, they also love and expect media on demand too. The Film Commission is going to keep supporting the making of quality content, that kids can call their very own content to inform, educate, entertain and inspire all the Namibian children,” he mentioned.

Kamati also expressed gratitude to Luis for developing the puppetry works for the children saying that he has not breathed life into the poignant stories of the spirited tradition but also added quality content for the development of children.

Speaking at the same event, the Chief Media officer at the Audiovisual Media Directorate of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Krischka Stoffels said that having local content on Namibian TV screens is important for the ministry. “Whatever happens in early childhood development, whether negative or positive, has lifelong ramifications. It shapes a person. Therefore, it is important that we instill a sense of pride in our children, a sense of Nationhood and National pride.

The episodes will be translated into German, Afrikaans, Herero, Damara/Nama, Oshiwambo and Rukwangali.

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