Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Egoistic Savage

What do you do when people throw lemons at you? “Freeze them and throw them right back,” said a friend of mine. So when out of words, rumble some hollow-yet-useful words together, and call it philosophy. You know what, that is exactly what I am going to do, I feel so witty tonight-I have some wits to give.

Lend me your ears and bid me your eyes, let me school you a little bit on morals and ethics…the skeletal of our society they might claim.

There is however an issue of morality and ethics. Imagine this, what if your dear long lost friend, who is pregnant, has five children already, two are deaf, one is blind, and three are mentally retarded, on top of that, she has syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

These are all ethical and morality questions, what is the most moral thing to do? What is the most ethical thing to do? Vast it in fate, perhaps this one will come out with no problems, but what if she gives birth to a set of conjoined twins that have syphilis too, or conjoined twins with only heads – without a body, what then? There is two ways of looking at this, doing it for the good of the mother, or for the fate of the unborn-kid(s).

Ethics has two sets of theories, there is a consequentialist moral theory and a non-consequential moral theory, the former relates more to “if the action is good, the consequence shall be as well” whereas for the latter; tends to see other factors as determinants of right and wrong. I’d like to narrow it down to the consequentialist point of view. There are two sides to this coin too. Egoism and utilitarianism. Egoism as the name entails is very self-centered, Mr Selfishness himself, everything they do, think and breathe is for the benefit of oneself (abort).

Whereas, the utilitarianism theory is more concerned with the happiness of the greater lot. So now that we have laid these bases, which is more fulfilling? (See what I did there…I could pass for a philosopher). Fulfilling for oneself or for the greater population. I can’t continue with that example, whatever decision is made there will be disheartening. Let me rather refer to something much lighter. An example of egoism theory – inviting a friend to the movies. You want to see the movie, and because you do not want to go alone, you invite your friend to tag along- self-interest right there.

Apparently society functions much more efficiently if we all act in our own self-interest. So when it comes to sex, is it an act that is vested in one’s self interest, or for the benefit of the community (both of you)? But look at it this way, what if only one is satisfied, but refuses to go for another round?

Utilitarianism on the other hand, take a look at Evelin Street for example, men seated around tables full of liquor. I think that is more of a utilitarianism approach – remember, the greater good of the community.

The guys claim that by buying and downing so much liquor they are actually contributing to the country’s economy, aiding in job creation  which is true, but let us face it, who is more on the losing end?

But let us face it, these are all theories…and with philosophy, there’s never a conclusion.

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