Friday 18 June 2021
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Awaken the Giant Within!

Imagine living a life that has no ambition, no passion for life, no plans to change the world and simply living in a routine of going to school, graduate or probably never graduate, find a job and wait for retirement at the age of 25. This is the kind of life lived by an average person but isn’t it sad to wake up one day and realise that you haven’t done anything worth remembering all your life?

The truth is most people never truly live. Their lives are simply an existence without a purposeful design. I agree with the words of Benjamin Franklin who once said that “Some people die at 25 and only get buried at 50 or more years down the line.” Many of us are dead inside.

You are dead if you are stuck in a rut, waking up every morning with no sense of purpose for the day. You are dead if you do not know why you exist, and you’re simply living a life to build someone else’s dream. You’re dead if you are beginning to lose your taste for life and you are dead if you cannot understand why you need to get up every morning.

I believe that what a person does daily is what they are willing to die for. What you have accomplished, created and experienced or didn’t do at the end of the day is what you chose to die for. It is the meaning of your life and that is your legacy.

If you are on the average side of life people will remember you as “she was just a teacher” and your last thoughts will probably be I wish I had travelled more, I wish I had written that book and many more wishes. However if you choose to be the achiever that you were created to be people will remember you as someone who put a dent in the universe, someone who made a difference and has lived up to their potential.

Of course not all of us are going or want to be celebrities, business moguls and leaders of world change but we all have the ability to live up to our version of greatness to make a difference in our families, communities and environment to create life that gives us meaning.
But how do we get to this? That’s if we start living deliberately. That’s if we stop being pawns in the game of life, when we stop letting the actions or inactions of others steer your live and when we make a conscious decision to go for what makes us happy. You don’t have to walk in the footsteps of someone else. You don’t have to take the advice of everyone around you. And you don’t have to surf on someone else’s wave because you can make your own wave!

It might take some time for you to realize what you ought to do, or how you should go about it, and that’s OK. Don’t stress over it. But you need to open yourself up to the adventures coming your way. Step out of line, and deliberately live a life of impact. Stop going with the flow, and start making your own waves. You are a giant and you shouldn’t live your life like a dead leaf on a lake. Awaken the giant within you and make things happen!


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