Friday 14 May 2021
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Your whole life has been a lie

So I had a few revelations over the weekend that I could not wait to share with you’ll, because I like to smash it in your face.

Telling you about all the lies ya’ll have been living…I’m lying- what could I possibly know about your lives, I do after all just live in a little hut in the middle of Omusati Region….very far away from where the governor is from (I think)…my columns are usually delivered through pigeon mail. Haha!

Defining Love
I do not think love means the same for the new millennia kids, not to exclude the ninety’s era born frees as well as it means for means to those that have been alive for centuries and – who are now as wise as fossils

All we have come to know about love and relationships, as new millennia and ninety’s kids is all farfetched, concocted in a little cocoon of a lovesick hopeless romantic author or screenwriter or by one who has never ever gotten it right. Your definition of love is Hollywood based, Disney oriented and quite frankly that is how you get your lil-S heart broken.

Moreover, I fail to comprehend what the media; these endless series that we keep watching are trying to portray, they are trying to mind-f#ck us you see. But no you’ll fail to see that because you are mentally enslaved, glued to your screen to remain a couch potato for life, idle and unproductively consuming food ….

But anyways before I lose the point I was trying to make, have you notice how in these movies and series we watch; how people just meet at a bar and just randomly hook up, “like hi, let’s go to my place…” they will do it right away from the entrance to- wait they will not even reach the bedroom. No condoms in site, and I am just like “hello, what happed to STDs and AIDS that we were taught in school?”

Secondly, have you noticed just how “OK” it is to shag every guy in site, look at the Bold and the Beautiful for example, I mean Brooke basically slept with the whole family tree of the Foster family, and it is just “OK”.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Can you not see it, open your eyes man. They make you feel so darn inferior so you can keep splurging to kama make yourself “beautiful”, beauty is a f-n expense man. It’s a billion dollar Industry.

International Beauty Contests
Why is it a Miss Universe Contest if only contestant from Earth take part? But anyways, that is none of my business I just wanted to shed some light on this stereotype that beauty is skin deep, lies my dear if you’re black, then you are far from beautiful, it is about time you make peace with that awful truth.

How many Africans, like dark skinned girls ever won these major international beauty pageants? Miss Nigeria in 2001? Miss Botswana in 1991 or Miss Angola in 2010. That is just a hand full of girls, seeing that these pageants go as far back as the 50’s, and they are not even that full of melanin.

So what does that mean, that black girls aren’t beautiful?

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