Wednesday 12 May 2021
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I was born for this…

One on One with MK

While we look for a proper lexicon to describe one of a kind, bold and beautiful, and slim model, Meriam Kaxuxuena cuts the exercise short when she says her middle name is ‘Don’t Care.’

Who in the media space doesn’t know the one and only MK? Yes, the same model who recently fed her dog some Hungry Lion and a year ago gave N$200 notes to five school going children.

Talks are so rampant with some even going as far as questioning her sense of priorities, why she doesn’t model at home (Namibia), who pays for her lavish lifestyle and why she fed her dog Hungry Lion [her most recent antic]? The questions are endless.

The little we know about the modelling highness is her popularity in beauty pageants, her swim suits and her last year’s collection of the MK Lingerie. The Lounge caught up with the Ohangwena-born beauty to get some answers and to also get to know the character behind the outspoken model-cum-entrepreneur.

Before our discussion, as background information, The Lounge learned that the model is 24, yes, just 24 years old and still going. She has been in boarding school for 12 years, starting in Gibeon and later moved to Augustineum Secondary School where she later matriculated. But let’s hear it all from the horse’s mouth.

Who is Meriam?
I am a freelance model. What you see is what you get. What you see on social media is what and who I am. I’m sometimes funny and sometimes serious. I do not have two sides. You will never see me angry.

I like traveling a lot and love modeling. My mom was a designer so she would make me clothes for school competitions. I realized that I was born for this [modeling] and decided that when I was done with high school, I would model outside the country.

I started with international fashion shows in Angola, Lebanon, London and Asia. I was just 18 then. I decided to go outside because Namibia is still getting there. Here modelling cannot be a career but a mere hobby.

Who pays for your trips?
Most of these pageants and fashion shows that I take part in are fully paid for. Of course I am now known so all I do is apply for participation and in most cases I am invited directly. Once you are there, you learn so much from other ladies. You are exposed, other event organisers get to know you and that is how you build your name.

At this age, I have nothing to lose but gain the experience and network. Education will never end but modeling can.

So I have nothing to lose because everything is paid for and I get to network. I’m seeing the world from a different perspective. Not to brag, but now that I’m connected, I always get jobs.

Before I came home now, I was in South Korea where I stayed for two months. I had to go for two weeks to Macau. Everyone in Namibia would like to do the travelling but you cannot if they are not doing it full time. You have to be focused.

Now I have to go to India for ‘Face of Beauty’ in September.

Then I have to go to Poland for another show. So that is also how I make my money. After these big shows, I like to treat myself by traveling the world. I’m almost never around. If you wanna know where I am, check my social media accounts.

Who are your friends?
I do not have friends. I’m not specific who are my friends are. Everybody is my friend. So wherever I go, I make friends because I like networking. There are some people who don’t like me because they think I’m a show-of but I’m all cool with that.

How do you keep sexy?
I do not do anything because I’m naturally skinny. Sometimes I go to the gym like once in a month but I eat almost anything. I’m naturally skinny and born for modeling. I basically only get to gym and eat healthy when I’m at this events. On a normal day, you would find me eating KFC or my favourite – Hungry Lion.

Any children?
Of course not. I’m not planning to have any soon. I have three more years of modeling to go so not at the moment. And even when I’m done, I’m gonna go back to school and maybe then consider children. Kids hold you back. Just imagine one year at home. It will not work because I like being busy. I love kids but I would not like to have any at the moment.

Any special someone?
No, it’s very difficult for me. I will get somebody and they eventually leave because I’m always on the move. I will be in a relationship when I’m ready. At the moment I want to travel, so I do not have time for relationships.

Can Meriam cook?
Nope. I will be honest with you – I do not know how to cook. My whole life I lived in a hostel and after school, I started travelling. When I’m in Windhoek, my mother and grandmother cook for me. But I can prepare a light breakfast.

So tell us about the Hungry Lion incident!
I was just taking care of my dog. He is 15 years old and he is a bit sick as well. My message was out there to say do not only feed your dog left overs. Treat your dog special.

Take care of your dog because it also takes care of you. So I really do not understand why people are going on. My friend in Australia has medical aid for her dog. They even fly with it. It is that important. So, if my family is not upset with me, then I’m okay with it. So I do not care. I don’t care.

Modeling in Namibia?
The industry is still small. We do not support each other. The models have to take the industry serious, designers need to work together and everybody needs to bring in their part. We need to be a team in order to make this successful. We need to have as many big fashion shows and have modeling agencies. Companies need to use our models to promote their brands.

Being Meriam
I simply love life and would like everyone to be like that. People should invest in themselves then you get to love life more. I’m never afraid to travel alone. Everybody can have that life, all you need to do is focus on being there.

I want everyone to recognize their talent and make the best of it. People should not look down on your career because we can’t all do the same thing. If we were all doctors, who would treat who? If we were all journalists, who would write about who? So be the best and be happy.

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