Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Bold Creations

… Blend of Architecture and Visual Arts

Creative art is such a big industry worldwide with enormous symbolic value. From music, films, fine arts and craft, this industry has the potential of playing a significant role in society in terms of job creation. The beautiful story that defines the significance of arts is about the Bold Creations Company.

Bold Creations is a partnership of four who came together in October 2016 with a quest to promote sustainability and pride in the Namibian heritage and its resources. Una Ferreira who is one of the partners and director of the company says that Bold Creations reveal the true diverse heritage of Namibia through sustainable and artistic expression of all that is created.

“We are a small team with diverse and unique skills which when put together deliver a reflective and authentic Namibian product. I am from an architectural background and they are visual artists with capabilities in woodwork, metal work and artwork, therefore it’s that combination which gives us our special and unique touch. We really just want to showcase that we have got talent but we need to create, we need to make and to get our things out there. Our variety of work includes anything creative and anything that we do is from a unique perspective to suit a client’s needs and wishes because everyone has their own personality and their own needs,” she explains.

Una says that the aim of the company is to inspire the youth to not wait for somebody to come along but to get up and become proactive in their lives. “Young people need to be intentional with their lives, decide what it is that they want to do and then go for it.

There will be people to notice your hard work and they would want to help you. We are also encouraging people to help each other in the sense that when you grow up you should remember to send the ladder down for other people to also climb. That is how we will help our government and ensure that not everybody waits “for the government which is what we want to teach the youth.”

Bold Creations products
The company which is comprised of ten staff members sells a variety of products ranging from jewellery and ornaments, candles, corporate gifts, furniture as well as interior and exterior designs. The company makes unique authentic Namibian jewellery that is culture oriented with a modern twist and up to date with current market trends. Their candles are hand poured and moulded into the individual desired size, colour, scent and concept of choice.

“We have a traditional range that is called Tradition Makes Beautiful because we are aware that young girls want to wear traditional jewellary but they also want to look different,” says a smiling Una.

One of the partners, 25 year old Petrus Shiimi says that he and his friend Saima Iita both graduated from the College of the Arts had the same intention of making a difference in the arts industry. “We noticed that most artists suffer because they do not venture into business and only create their arts and wait for exhibitions.

Last year upon our graduation we teamed up with Saima and came up with a company called Art Zone. We wrote proposals for companies and got some tenders to create art work for offices but I wanted to work closely to an architect. I got references to Uno and I shared my idea of starting a business with her. Luckily she also had the same idea and that’s how it started,” narrates the young artist.

Petrus says that the industry is fine although the economic slowdown has somehow affected their business. “We don’t get jobs that enable us to make enough money that would sustain the company to the next level but so far we are getting known and I can already imagine where we are going,” he says.

Having started with the business of traditional necklaces known as ‘Onyoka’, a 53 year old Maria Haindongo referred to as Meme Maria is one of the employees of Bold Creations. Her story dates back to 2001 when she started making necklaces from beads and the cutting of ostrich egg shells. She first started making Onyoka when she stayed in Swakopmund but later moved to the north in 2004.

“When I moved to the north I used to buy mussel shell beads for Onyoka from Angola to grind and strung them on wool to sell in the community,” she said.

In 2006 Meme Maria moved to Windhoek for greener pastures, but could unfortunately not secure a job. She decided to continue with her business of making traditional necklaces instead. “I wanted to make an income so I would visit China Town to see what is trending at the time and try to make something similar to sustain myself.”

“In 2010 I met a Chinese who designs baskets with beads and I joined her for a month to learn from her. I could unfortunately not afford the materials so I would then ask people to buy their own material and I would design for them.

I didn’t stay in the basket business for long because although I knew how to design them I did not have customers. I continued buying cheap beads instead,” she says.

Meme Maria says that she didn’t have a specific place to sell and would usually go around selling from house to house. “Having different people ask me to design necklaces for them has brought me great interest in this business; in fact I thought it was a better way to sustain myself instead of walking from door to door looking for a job.”

Her hard work landed her a broadcast on television earlier this year which also made a way for her to meet Una. “I agreed to work with Una because as they say two heads are better than one, I really liked her idea.

Una has the will to help the nation and I’m glad to know that we are working with someone who has the nation at heart and willing to relieve people from poverty. I am grateful for the little that we get which we wouldn’t otherwise. This is only the beginning. That is why she needs our help for us to be able to add other people from the communities who need jobs,” she expressed.

The mother of two says that Bold Creations has made a difference in her life, from going to bed with thoughts of where she would find bread for her children.

Currently Bold Creations sell their products at markets around Windhoek as well as their social media platforms. For their products you may call 0818823037 or visit their Facebook page Bold Creations Namibia or Instagram @boldcreations_nam.

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