Monday 12 April 2021
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You are Someone’s Ray of Sunshine

“If there’s something I do treasure it is how you always inspire me and make me the best I can ever be.” This is a text that I woke up to this morning from a friend. Every time someone says something of that sort to me it makes me wonder if these people are really genuine.

I do not know what I do that is so inspiring to them because I feel that I haven’t yet achieved anything significant in my life.

But it’s so motivating to realise that there are people who get their tiny rays of sunshine from me and that makes me feel like I have something to give out to people.

I’ve come to realise that everything that we say speaks to somebody, somewhere. We may be out there searching for love, happiness, or for that golden ticket that will take our worries away and grant us a life of pervasive pleasure, of smoothly-learned lessons and of constant self-improvement but someone out there admires who we are.

The same way that we read quotes from people, whose lives were deemed inspiring, seek advice from the older and the wiser because they are the ones we think will know better and the in same way we try to reach out for the people who can shed light onto our path of darkness that we wouldn’t find without their help, is the same way that somebody out there observes how we live our lives and learn a thing or two.

Your experience from yesterday is something that the next person will encounter days or weeks or years down the road from now. Or, at best, you may have gotten over something that they are going through now. That shows them that you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel when they are just beginning to realize that they have entered a tunnel.

Your courage can help them and your persistence can motivate them. Your actions can show them a new perspective, one that was not their own, but is better and that they can willingly take on.

I have also come to learn that in life you will meet different people, naturally, as a product of where you are in the world. You will have different resources available to you but you are still the one calling the shots.

It’s not to say you don’t change throughout your journey, or that our experiences have no power to shape us and mold us a little at a time to alter us, but no matter how far you travel down that road you will still be the person who stood at the beginning of the journey. Hopeful and scared, waiting for the next thing!

There may be people telling you that you are not doing enough or that your life is useless just because they’ve walked a different path. But all you need to know is that there is always someone who likes how you travel your road.

We are all on our different journeys. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, keep walking and do all the good that you can along the way. Your life is better than how you’ve been giving it credit for. Your actions speak to someone!


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