Monday 12 April 2021
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Waves of a church-going atheist girl

Here is the irony; church goers are firm believers in the Lord, the Bible and Jesus Christ right, whilst an atheist on the other hand is quite the opposite, no actually, it’s none of the above.

What is church about any ways, is it about finding a spouse, cheating on one or about lifestyles in general; competition for best dressed, best car and one who donates the biggest amount?

I thought Christ Embassy’s paid airtime on TV (at least that’s where I see it) was a little risible with all those testimonies, but it’s very sad to find out that it’s the same thing that is happening in much elder centred churches such as ELCIN specifically because that’s the one “she” attends.

Furthermore, before you think that “she” is throwing racial slays, you just have to open your eyes a little. You see how wealth is all accumulated in the small part of the world right… so just like they are selfish with their wealth, with racism and apartheid and all; where we couldn’t even share the same bus, wouldn’t you expect them to follow suit with the Bible too?

I mean, why would they (back then…where it all started) then want to share all of eternity with us, if they could not even bare to sit on the same 20 minute bus-ride? Now imagine eternity…that is a hell lot of a long time. Don’t you find that a little bit…off?

For instance, Mark Chapter 10, verse 17 says: “Sell all your riches…to enter the kingdom of God” Well the irony is that those that teach us about the Bible that says “you should part with your manly and earthy riches in order to inherit the kingdom of God”, are the very same people who tell us to do that and are the very ones doing it-with far more riches than the whole congregation combined. While you’re there, starving yourself because prophet Bush-iri said so, while he’s probably surrounded by roasted lambs on his lavishing dining table, while you’re kama fasting, what does that tell you?

Who in this world is going to inherit the kingdom of heaven? I mean heaven only belongs to those who abide to the gospel, the ten commandments, “don’t kill, do not fornicate”, I cannot even pinpoint one who qualifies, thank heavens I’m not the judge. Does the pope himself even qualify…the holy man probably lives in a huge mansion, eats on golden platters perhaps with golden spoons too, I can just imagine.

Do you see the ridicule in that, church going atheist? Yeah, just like politics religious is just as contentious of an issue.

But just like I’m not judging you, I am simply stating facts that I see, I do not expect you to judge me either, because it’s a written law in your Bible that you shouldn’t (but you will, oh you going to hell), but hey anyways I am but just a messenger, I never said I’m the atheist girl- I am intrigued to question though, I am just a unique something that ponders on something far more greater than us. One thing for sure though; is if the Bible stories were true, then no westerner would have given us that Bible, it would have been guarded with their very own lives, just like they do with the cure for aids.

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