Saturday 17 April 2021
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Tjongarero warns Netball Namibia on Debmarine sponsorship

Debmarine Namibia sponsored Netball Namibia a tune of N$1.8 million for the next three years and the sport deputy minister Agnes Tjongarero cautioned the netball administrators to be careful of people who will now approach them because they have money. The sponsorship from the marine diamond company comes at a time when netball in Namibia has been in the drought for years and subsequently underperformed on the continent.  While praising Debmarine for their continued support of sport development in the country, Tjongarero warned the powers that be to account for every cent if they want to keep the sponsorship.  “Each and every cent is to be accounted for. Let us give regular reports to Debmarine. Let us make sure that our side is clean.”
“I know we are many sharks out there, and now that it has been announced that you have received that much, you will receive all of us coming and saying that I can do this and this for you. But when you were struggling, none of us came to say we can do this and this.” “I am warning you. If you are not careful enough, you will lose this sponsorship,” warned Tjongarero. The 3-year sponsorship is destined to support the netball activities both locally and international participations until 2019. The sponsorship will go to the annual senior National Netball Championships and the annual Netball Pent Series – which is a 5-Nation tournament with Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe, including playing gear for the national team.
Regional leagues will receive N$10 000 per region while additional financial assistance will also go towards the training of umpires and the development of the Netball Namibia website  At the announcement, Debmarine CEO Otto Shikongo thanked Netball Namibia for approaching them professionally. Sharing the sentiments of the deputy minister, he said; “We appreciate your level of professionalism and entrust that you will maintain the same level moving forward, whilst employing high level ethics and governance in the execution of this sponsorship.” The netball team recently returned to the INF rankings and is currently ranked 37th out of 38 countries. It is the wish of Debmarine that the team moves up to 3rd in Africa and to at least 25th in the world. Recipient and President of Netball Namibia Lydia Mutenda said they are thankful for Debmarine for liberating netball. Mutenda said they have long set objectives in their boardrooms but all went in vein because they could only do little without funds. “We got rejection letters and ran like wounded dogs but we never wavered. Today, we are happy and we will be responsible and accountable.”
Debmarine’s generosity towards sport development is nothing new to the sport fraternity. In December last year, the company sponsored football a tune of N$14.1 million for the Debmarine Namibia Cup. In the same year, their contribution to government was N$3.7 Billion, making them the largest contributors to treasury, said Shikongo. Tjongarero called on other corporates to follow the footstep of Debmarine Namibia. “Netball activities in the regions have been very limited and some regions could not even show up for trails due to funds. Debmarine has not only given funds but acknowledged that sport development in Namibia needs the corporate world. You have also acknowledged the role of the women in society by empowering the girl child as leaders of tomorrow. I believe Netball Namibia will set up good governance structures to ensure that this sponsorship continues and meets the set objectives. You time has come to shine,” said Tjongarero.

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