Sunday 18 April 2021
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PDK drops ‘Odikwa’

After a rather lengthy wait since their last album ‘Kem’pu’ in 2015, PDK’s much anticipated album  touched down on Monday.

Much to the delight of adoring fans, eleven albums later, the trio proves to have kept to their unique music style with ‘Odikwa’.  The album brings a fusion of love and motivational songs and danceable tunes in a typical PDK style. The trio named the album Odikwa which translates to baby sling as a way of expressing their gratitude for having been in the industry for ten years.

They say that they couldn’t have chosen a better name for the album as it describes all that they have been through and how thankful they are in the second track, ‘Odikwa’.

The first track of the album may not portray the best version of PDK but it is safe to say that the album is packed with tracks that are not strange to PDK’s way of doing music. Track 6 features Ndilimani’s Castro singing to the spirit of togetherness. PDK also caters for Kizomba music lovers in the seventh track ‘Aaah’. Track 5 ‘Reverse’ definitely stands out and is likely to get any PDK fanatic dancing to the tunes.

Some of the tracks on the album are ‘Shiim’ashi,’ ‘Oshitenya,’ ‘Wiitelela,’ ‘Juju,’ ‘Tsanana’ and ‘Chapula.’ As usual, the last track ‘Pantsula’ closes off with the hype that will leave the fans yearning for the next.

Producers who worked on the album include Brown Klaxic, Glo Productions, DJ K-boz of the Turn Table King Production, Imms Nicolau and Arafath. Based on the fans favourite track out of the 16 tracks, the first music video is certainly expected to be out by the end of August. Meanwhile, the official launch of ‘Odikwa’ will be held on 12 August 2017 at the Kuisebmund Community Hall in Walvis Bay. The album is available at Antonio’s Arts in Windhoek and countrywide for N$120. Those interested in the album may also call 0812183588.

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