Wednesday 21 April 2021
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You’ve made it in life huh?

What is making it in life anyways, is it driving a nxa credit-bought-car, which you’d have already lost by now if you were one of the employees at the ‘bank’, but perhaps it’s living in an uptown flat that you can barely afford and spend your last penny just to meet your month’s rent, with a nice clean fridge that’s only got an onion in it?

What about sitting around a bucket full of liquor in Eveline Street and when the weekend is over you are the one hustling to connect change to afford cab fare for work?

Some of you will think that making it in life is graduating, maybe getting married to the most handsome hunk out there, or perhaps being blessed with a son, or a daughter or both, a nice big happy family, right? Wrong!

I got news for you, there is a nice fine criteria to making it in life, which does not include graduating nor running several successful business.

If you haven’t gat haters
You have not made it in life if you do not have haters. Everybody seem to be having haters these days, every single artist that releases a track, they have to touch ground with their “haters”.

Boy, we don’t even know you how can we possibly be hating on you? But I really have to applaud this other guy who sang “if you got haters then you doing something good.” But then I look at my own life and wonder – I really thought I was doing something great with my life, but I don’t see haters, or perhaps I am blind.

I do wear goggles after all- short sightedness and all. Or perhaps I remain oblivious to that fact I am as naïve and as stubborn as mule after all. Can’t wait to drop a track for my haters too-“Hi haters, you see me, I don’t see you” one day, because only then will I surely know that I have made it in life too.

Have it easy? You haven’t made it
You have got to go through trials and tribulations to make it in life, academically, financially, emotionally and even sexually.  Your heart needs to break, trashed and stepped upon and thrown into the trash again, and you have to find God immediately after that, don’t forget to tell everyone on your WhatsApp status, Facebook and Insta ye. I’m not going to make it, I can just see.

Here’s some guidance
Life’s pretty simple- KISS- keep it simple stupid! We just do not listen, no we don’t. We have selective hearing when it comes to this issue of success. Do not let other people define “making it” for you. You need to define your own purpose – prescribe your own success.

Listening to negativity is so easy, we do it in our sleep. If we could all just be deaf to it though, we’d all be making it, and don’t say you are going to make it “one day” there is no “one day” on my calendar. I’m going to make it now and now it is, today!, vandag!, paife!…like a boss. Lastly, and most importantly though, you have not made it in life if you have not fed your ugly-hungry dog a whole family pack of Hungry Lion- simple.

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