Thursday 15 April 2021
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Base FM on a new path

The newly elected board of trustees of the Base FM committed to the promise of keeping their primary stakeholders – up-to-date with the goings-on at their station, on Wednesday.

Speaking at the occasion one of the trustees, Anita Nangombe said that they felt the need to inform the general public of some critical changes that have taken place at the station since the inception of the new board of trustees.

“It is in the public domain that this Board has inherited a radio station that was in total disarray, both from a financial and administrative stance. It goes without saying that the ripple effects of the apparent mismanagement had a negative impact on the already inflated staff complement at the station.

The Board inherited debts amounting to over N$500 000 in accumulated arrears on rent and municipal rate payments, unpaid staff stipends and other service providers’ fees. To this end the Board has approached members of the general public – in their position as the interested parties – for assistance.

“I am glad to inform you that we have finally found a solution to our monetary problem amidst the ongoing fiscal crunch, thanks to the assistance of a consortium of local business people. The donors, who prefer not to be named at this moment, has pledged to provide financial assistance to the tune of N$300 000 in order to pull the station out of this financial stagnation,” said Anita.

The board of the radio station is currently in agreement with its creditors and terms of payment have been put in place with mutual consideration. “It is our collective believe here at Base FM that happy employees translate into a healthier bottom-line for any entity – be it corporate or community. As such all current staff members will be duly remunerated at the end of this month and administratively it has become business as usual at Namibia’s pioneering community radio station,” emphasised Anita.

Amongst the changes that have been taken place since the Annual General Meeting held in June include the departure of Pendapala Nakathingo who was previously appointed as Chairman assisted by Johanna Kaukola as the Executive Secretary. The dismissal of the Chairman came after it was discovered that there were certain anomalies in the nature of his operations.

The executive secretary left voluntarily because she could not marry her other engagements with the demanding nature of being a Board member at Base FM.

Base FM currently has no station manager and the trustees are rotating the role pending the appointment of a fulltime Station Manager. Anita also mentioned that the former Base FM station manager Moses Kairimuti is no longer associated to the radio station and that all matters pertaining to the overall running of the Station are currently being handled at Board level.

“Our primary goal is to restore the confidence of corporate Namibia in the station in order to make it self-reliant. It is our hope that you as our media partners will help us in driving this message home in the minds of our advertisers,” Anita stated.

The current board members of Base FM are Anita Nangombe, Wilhelmina Shimuoshili, Abner Niilonga and Kennedy Nsundano.

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