Sunday 18 April 2021
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The Illusion of Space

Homes come in different sizes, large and small. In truth, most first-time homeowners usually face the challenge of decorating a small home. If done correctly, a small home can be cosy and personal. The following basic guidelines will help you create the illusion of space in a small area.

COLOURS- can be used to trick the eye. By using light, neutral colour walls will seem to rather disappear whereas darker colours will make the walls seem to advance towards you, thereby making the room seem smaller. Opt for whites, greige, greys, and muted pastels.
NATURAL LIGHT – Nothing will make a room look airy and light more than natural light. Therefore, optimise the light from windows by using sheer curtains. Select fabrics that closely match the colour of your walls. By using a contrasting or dark colours as a window treatment, will break up the wall and make the room seem smaller. If privacy is a problem in the evenings, add a blind or blockout curtains. If the room and your décor style permit it, ditch window treatments altogether. A skylight is a great way of introducing additional natural light into a room.

MIRRORS – You have probably all heard that mirrors will make a room appear larger. That is definitely true, but remember that the placement of a mirror is also important. Hang the mirror on the wall across from a window to optimise on natural light. A mirror at the end of a short, dark corridor, will make is seem lighter and longer. Cladding a whole wall in a small room with mirrors will double the visualised space. Reflective surfaces in small bathrooms and kitchens will reflect light, adding the illusion of light and space.

FURNITURE & STORAGE – First and foremost furniture should proportionally suite the size of the room. Oversized furniture will crowd the room, making it seem smaller. If you prefer bulky furniture, then rather one such piece, e.g. a large sofa rather than 2 large arm chairs. Select multi-functional furniture pieces that can double as storage. The more cluttered a room is the smaller is will appear. Glass dining, coffee and side tables will be visually unobtrusive and will create the illusion of openness. Metal and reflective occasional furniture will also work great in a small space.

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS – in a small narrow room, add horizontal stripes on the wall at the end of the space. The stripes will “push” the side walls out, creating the deception of space. If the room is small, but the ceiling is too high in comparison, paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls.
If the ceiling is very low, add vertical stripes to the walls to “lift” the ceiling. A low ceiling should preferably be painted white.

Remember, it remains your home and it is what you make it. Rather focus on the quality and not on how little space you have.

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