Thursday 15 April 2021
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Suné walks her talk on poaching awareness

The newly crowned beauty queen of Namibia has taken a step into her charity work by committing to work with the Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) on the anti-poaching endeavours.

Suné January who became Miss Namibia earlier this month, officially received her badge from the ISAP on Tuesday, in Windhoek and is ready to take on the task of creating awareness against rhino and elephant tusk poaching. Accepting her badge, Suné mentioned that she hopes to educate the nation on the efforts being made to create awareness on the facilities that can be used to report poaching.

“I am hoping to be an ambassador of ISAP to teach the nation more about the efforts being made because I clearly think that people read about poaching but are not really informed that it is happening and is a real crisis,” she stressed.

Speaking at the same occasion, the director of ISAP Fritz Kaufmann expressed gratitude towards Miss Namibia’s input into ISAP and her being part and parcel of ISAP to fight rhino poaching. “We know how it lies with the rhino and elephant poaching, so we are glad to have her on our team,” he said.

Fritz also mentioned that although she is yet to be introduced to the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Miss Namibia will be visibly involved with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism as the sole partner in the drive to fight poaching. “There is a lot of work to be done out there, not only from a marketing perspective but also from a field viewpoint. We will also involve her in activities such as field exercises, projects and programs that are done by ISAP,” said Fritz.

ISAP hopes to create a very powerful medium with the presence of Miss Namibia. “She is a very high profiled person and has publicly chosen to carry the title of Miss Namibia. Therefore this is a platform to get our voices heard and get the nation to respond.”

Apart from prior involvement of Miss Teen Namibia, Suné will be the first Miss Namibia to be involved with ISAP, in the fight against poaching.

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