Sunday 11 April 2021
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Justice Served, not on this platter

Has the world just turned upside down or has it always been like this and I have been oblivious to that fact? There are so many issues going on since I last stuck my neck out, but as much as I would like to touch base with all of them, they can wait, because I cannot let this one slide by.

Oh the Atrocities!
We really do live different lifestyles, if you are poor and you steal, lose a penny that isn’t yours, you will rot in jail, but on the other hand, when you are rich they will apologise to you and pay you out with an even fatter package than you ought to have.

Maar perhaps they are doing the poor fella a favour, because when in jail, you will have a decent meal every day- got people cooking for you and all like a king, you do not have to pay water bills you can take your nice cold showers at the expense of others, and a nice warm bed, now imagine that- why aren’t we all behind bars already- pretty decent life if you ask me.

The best is that you get to attend vocational school and guess what? It’s free of charge, isn’t that life?

Well, jokes aside because I really cannot just sit back and act as if what is going on is alright, someone needs to shed some light on these issues of state owned enterprises, bad management taking its toll and always being bailed out by government, I am no expert at economics nor am I an expert at politics but I’ll do you the honours.

The Sombre fact
First and foremost,  I certainly do not understand why when the top executives mess up, the guy at the bottom of the ladder is always the one to suffer; when everything comes crumbling down, he has to carry the whole weight of them fat cats, but why does this world have to be so unfair though?

One should ask, why are they being so persistent, why do they want ‘the bank’ to shut down so badly? Could it be that they are somehow caught up in it too? Shut down, case closed.

These mismanagement of funds and corruption disputes in the papers, day- in- day- out, and I never once read about them being held accountable, what was that thing on accountability and transparency in the HPP again? All out the window?

No jail (that’s our tax money), they must sweat. I feel justice would only be served if they were to be held accountable by paying back every last penny that was lost, be achievable by making them work, no, sweat for it, and working at a till to  pay back 2mill is no joke; or how about scrubbing locomotive engines at TransNamib for those that are threatening the government “If you do not bail us out we will not pay our employees”- How does one even justify that, you screw up, and I should pay, like really now?

There is no justice in this world, no integrity whatsoever. As long as you are at the bottom of the ladder, you’ll always be the one being pushed around, and there’s nothing you can do about it…or so they ‘think’, it’s up to you!

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