Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Help us, cry SME Bank workers

On Wednesday the SME Bank employees wrote to the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Immanuel Ngatjizeko requesting for an audience to discuss the matter and questioned why government is not addressing them. They have even gone as far as recommending that SME Bank employees should be incorporated into other SOEs. “We are requesting the Government as the majority shareholder to come up with an alternative for the employees not to end up unemployed by either opposing the closure of the Bank or by incorporating the employees in state owned institutions or other financial institutions e.g. DBN, BoN, Agribank etc.” The employees warned that dumping them onto the streets will have wider implications that goes as far as negatively impacting their families.
“Employees question why the majority shareholder is not addressing employees on this matter, fully knowing that that the Namibian employees are suffering the consequences of other people’s actions that led to the money being lost,” lamented the employees. They also bemoan the fact that the management of the bank was placed in the hands of foreign nationals, yet the Namibian nationals are left to suffer the consequences. Some of the employees emphasized that they resigned within 24 hours from their previous jobs to join SME Bank. Sources close to the bank claim workers at SME Bank have been accorded inflated salaries since the bank opened. “Some of the people went to SME Bank and got double the salaries they used to get because the management processes of the bank was not monitored. I understand that government wants to close the Bank because of the dispute around the shareholding structure,” said the source.

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