Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Food and Sex Make the World Go Round

People say money makes the world go round, others argue that love and happiness make the world go round, but tell you what, I don’t quite agree with that. In my opinion, life’s pretty simple because it only revolves around two things; food and sex nothing more, nothing less; everything else we do during the days of our lives is nothing but to add thereto. We eat to grow so we are able to have sex to multiple so we make more food to grow and the circle continues-endless loops of food and sex.

The Grind for the Cookie
People judge each other on how each individual hustle for their “food” some sell it for a mere bottle of beer, behind the sheebeen in the dark alleyways, whereas nineteen year olds go to lodges and hang with foreigners and sell it for like two grands per round, then you find the ones that give it up for heart breaks and tears- take your pick. I once read a funny line in this regard; “why sell a hole you didn’t even drill yourself in the first place?” (Not my handwriting.)
Men on the other hand,  grind so hard, so darn hard just to get laid. “Why sweat on top of me if you can’t sweat for the $$$s” read another line. Maybe if they didn’t try so hard maybe their struggle would not be so real and women would not be running around looking for more money instead of love, but then again the bar has just been set high by the likes of Vrrrrrpaa; feeling much more superior than thou, the mere sound of their accelerator was set to leave panties dropping, as if cars are sexually transmitted.

Who’s the man now?
Men are deemed “men” if they stick their spoons into as many yogurt jars as they can find, yet women, when they do try to serve the hungry out there, even if it’s only to take a little dip into their yogurt, they are called names, bashed and shamed in society. Shouldn’t women be deemed heroines for feeding so many hungry hounds?

There is no winning in this game
When women decide to be pure and lock the cookie jar until marriage, more harm is done to them than onto men, you; finding themselves in their late thirties, no boyfriend, no marriage proposal no “food”. Worst of all, by then most men have gone searching to enter an exit door.

How many of you would give away your whole sexual life for a billion bux? And then what are you going to do with all that money? Start a business, make more money? But for whom if you won’t have kids? Or maybe you’ll go out and have fun and travel the world, hit the islands with hot babes? For what if you can’t be intimate with them? But maybe it can be done.

Isn’t life funny though, so many things have changed over time; except the way we eat and have sex. We should understand that men love sex and women love food, so always find common ground, where both get satisfied- maybe take her out to dinner first?…For food and sex remain the only ingredients for survival.

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