Sunday 20 June 2021
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Decorating your guest bedroom

Expecting guests? Here are a few tips to create a comfortable and inviting room for your guests to spend the night.

Firstly remember that the most important function of a bedroom is to support a great night’s sleep. Therefore one of the biggest considerations will be to select good quality bedding, from the mattress right through to the duvet inner and cover. As with most things in life, people have different preferences when it comes to cushions. Some prefer it very soft, others firm. I therefore make sure that my guest bedroom has both on them to give my guests the option to choose which they would prefer to sleep on.

Good quality towels are also important. Provide every guest with both a bath sheet (rather than the smaller towel) and a hand towel.

I believe that dim-out curtains are a must in a guest bedroom. Many tend to struggle to sleep in a new or unfamiliar environment. Dim-out curtains will allow for a darker room at night, which will help your guests sleep better. Dim-out curtains will also provide you guests with the necessary privacy for getting dressed.

When it comes to the look of the room, your guest bedroom should be an extension of the décor in the rest of your home. But the room should be neither too feminine nor too masculine. Make sure that the room has a low stool or table on which they can place their suitcase or overnight bag. Remove, as far as possible, all unnecessary goods from the cupboard and allow enough space for your guests to unpack some of their clothes if so required. Remember to leave a few hangers. Air the cupboard regularly to prevent it from becoming stuffy.

A bedside lamp is also important. As your guests do not know your home and the room, they should not need to get up in the night and look for the switch, but should be able to reach and easily switch on the bedside lamp. If your guestroom is very small and the bedside tables are compact, opt for wall or ceiling mounted bedside lamps.

Remember to add a mirror that can be used for applying make-up and attending hair. If you have enough space go for a full-length mirror. If possible, place the mirror close to a power supply point for your guests to use their hairdryer effortlessly.

Help your guests keep track of time so they do not miss any appointments, by placing a small clock in their room. Remember to check its noise levels first. If you are a light sleeper as I am, nothing can be more bothering than lying awake listening to a tick-tock the entire night.

If your guest room is big enough, add a small coffee/tea corner where your guests can help themselves. Include some rusks and some fresh fruit.

To make your guest feel special, try the following:

Put a small vase with flowers in the room before your guests arrive;
Leave some magazines of different topics in the room for your guest to read in bed;
As we all forget things when travelling, stock toothpaste, a new facecloth, new toothbrush, disposable razor, shower gel, body lotion, ear buds and tissues for your clients;
Leave a small snack on their pillow;
A water glass with a bottle of water
Stock a small hairdryer
And lastly a note with the WI-FI password.

These tips will make you a very popular host, making sure that your friends come back for another stay.

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