Sunday 18 April 2021
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Free sex kills

Today I’m saddened by this new trend of infecting people with your STDs just because you also didn’t get it by request. But the evil side of me is also glad that these things are happening. I was about to ask when will someone get infected intentionally and start crying out to the whole world like they were all innocent. It just came at the right time.

I’ve been around for some time in the sex trenches and I am starting to believe some lucky idiots really deserve to get sick. But as always, it’s the newcomers who get the ills just when they are about to get in the industry. The guy who sleeps with random girls is still tate wa zero while you who picks your first yellow bone from Parks Lounge is told two weeks later that her periods bounced. You don’t even know her status so you are one way or another [email protected]#ked. I like.

Finally people are becoming sick. Finally someone is crying about being infected intentionally. It’s a crime but I think these things must happen for some of you to stop taking chances. I said once that everybody knows the recipe to failure but the stupid idiots still buy the ingredients.

What did you expect for sleeping with her for a Guarana and Dunhil cigarette? The evil side of me is clapping hands for your newly acquired infection. That’s what you get when you don’t listen. Blessings for those sharing. We need you to kill the ignorant ones.

My pity is reserved for the few who were born with the virus, raped or outsmarted by some evil being, but not through sex. How many times should you be told that HIV is alive and here for all you who want it?

As a retired player and [email protected]#kboy, I always thank the Devil for missing the HIV bullets on me. Or perhaps I was just too wise. Today my sisters have zero care who they sleep with or the suspicious ‘hair ingrown’ that vividly lies at the base of his penis. But well, if it’s a quickey, chances are that you are not going to see that.

I’m not here to make you hate sex. No, that will never be me. But just come to think of the few things you people do. My brothers – maybe you are clean, but have you thought of the madam on the dance floor. She entered the club at 15h00 because it was free. She has been on the dance floor from 15h00 and you can imagine the sweat.

She has used the toilet and because it’s messy in those bathrooms, for a fact she has not wiped the spills. And here you are thinking God has sent you free dinner served at the backseats of your friend’s car. Jy sal [email protected] Suck in all the pee brewed sweat and white cramps of yesterday’s vaginal self-wash discharge. And you want to come cry after going 40? Laliful, you asked for it.

And my sister. Not every idiot who looks fresh is clean neh. People now take their ARVs and are on a serious mission to introduce you to the tablet containers. Everyone, even those who do not care about you, are talking about safe sex but nah, you mos just want the tip.

You even have the balls to put the idiot’s sick penis in your mouth, ignoring not only the smell (because the day was hell long) but also the porridge-like dirt under his uncircumcised pipi. Yes, it’s disgusting but it’s the only way some of you need to be told.

I know I’m not the best of people to smooth-talk these things, but I really think some of you must just get what is due to you. It’s about time.

Moving forward, there are a lot of walking beautiful and pocket-filled corpse on the streets and they really don’t mind taking you with to the grave. Some even bath and do not look the part. The ARVs have boosted their immune system and as such, they look even better than the uninfected people. You like things mos.

Raise your red flag high up when she gives it to you without any latex and does not even question the whereabouts of your New Start visits. Free things are not always free. Whether it is a Guarana you bought her or he offered you a lift home does not make it safe to sleep with the kind person.

Stupidity and true blessings is the act of sleeping with someone who you don’t not know their status and expecting them not to share their blessings too.

MfK is the only person who loves you that much to tell you this. Otherwise, who is the fool to tell you that they are sick and that’s why they don’t mind going 40? And just so you know, he/she who does not carry a condom has something to share. Love se foet.

So stop being too kind with your vagina madam, the Harambee is real. And brother, the beauty of the face is not a negative status. Get tested and share with the known like MfK.

I hope you listen because the rest don’t care about you.


MFK is a satirical column, written by a nameless individual. His views are not endorsed by the editorial policy of the publishers.

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