Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Fête de la Musique

Event:  World Music Day  Venue:  Palm Tree Park
Date:  24 June 2017  Mood:  Celebrating music with vigorous enthusiasm and in a cheerful and festive atmosphere

1.  Adolf, Alfred and Sempalda  2.  Andriana, Nicole, Monica, Antonetta, Lisa, Jessy, Iddy and Tayoline
3. Celine and Charline  4.  Craig, Clevin and Siku
5.  Dudu, Prince K, Tony and Ampereur  6.  Elemotho, Jon Lippe, Nangula and Panduleni  7. Leticia, Janena, Mike and Melani  8. Nadine and Benevolence  9.  Saskia and Avo 10. Senga and Chantell 11. Tulisan and Adora  12. Veronique and Nayasha

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