Sunday 18 April 2021
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2017 Halfway Mark

Yaaas! The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and the year is halfway over. If you’re doing the math correctly we have officially reached the mid-point of 2017, exactly 181 days down.

That’s right, 6 out of the 12 months of the year have already passed us by. Perhaps you’ve been busy with work, have been facing certain challenges, or have been floating along in a seamless drift of bliss and happiness.

While it may seem to have been a drag to some people, I honestly just feel like this year is on fast forward because really it was just a blink of an eye and we’ve gone from January to June in a split second. Simply just another VrrrPhaa at top speed on the highway of life!

Still wondering how we got here so fast? Leave that for another day and ask yourself what you have to show for the first half of the year. Remember that it’s not just another half of the year gone but the clock that has ticked as well. Now’s the perfect time to spend an hour or so with yourself to reflect on the first half of 2017 and see whether you are where you thought you would be six months ago. Take a look at your progress toward reaching those goals and evaluate whether you’re on the right path.

This is the perfect time to reflect and adjust your course, to celebrate what you have done and to perhaps recommit to a goal or to start something new.  So, with half of 2017 behind us, let’s take an honest and realistic look at where we are.

But first let me ask, it’s been half a year, are you half done?
As for me I have done some of what I planned to do and some great things I didn’t plan on but serendipity brought them my way. And of course life has brought its obstacles, lessons, and blessings with.

Everyone gets hung up on New Year’s, making resolutions and setting yearly goals. But, few take stock of their progress throughout the year.  And hence, many resolutions and goals are long forgotten before the end of the year. Let go society’s general desire of not being held accountable and take stock of your progress towards your goals. Get to know where you are and hold yourself accountable to your progress because no matter how much you try to play ignorant the sad truth is that you are where you are, and you can only start from there.

You still have six good months to go before we call it a year and surely the wonders of the second half of the year await. Let us use those remaining months to tick off that which we haven’t yet.

It’s never too late to make 2017 the year we had planned to make it. No matter the pace we have moved through the first half of the year, the half-way point is a perfect opportunity to fuel ourselves up.

Whether or not you actually define annual goals, it’s always good to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what you’d like to work on before the end of the year arrives. Here’s hoping the rest of 2017 is fruitful and inspiring.


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