Monday 12 April 2021
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So Many Choices, Being Single Ain’t One

Okay, maybe while you’re still at school it’s still a choice, but let’s face it, when you’re past your quarter of a century, I don’t think it’s a choice anymore.

I’ve never really understood what the fuss around relationships was all about. I’m still not so sure either. I mean what could a relationship possibly offer that a random hook-up couldn’t?

You could hook up with whoever, wherever and whenever without nobody pestering you about your whereabouts and what not.

Well, apparently it goes far beyond what the bedroom can offer. Because as you grow, you need a companion, a partner to help raise a family, but also a financial anchor- it’s beneficial … you could argue that most people are doing well without partners, but did they have a choice?

The One that Got Away
Most people are single because they broke up with bae. Chances are he cheated on her, or she cheated and couldn’t bare it anymore. Worst scenario is discovering that bae is gay and you were nothing but a cover, a trophy girl to parade around in public.
You can say you chose to leave but it wasn’t your choice to begin with, chance happened.

But cheating though, I think cheating is like the common flu nowadays that if you break up because of cheating, then you just never wanted to be in it at all – because it’s going to happen wherever you go.

It is embedded in us that you need to get married and have a family, but this race for marriage is all survival of the fittest –for the woman who can take the most cheating escapades and still continue holding on. Love is mos kama patient and kind but he who don’t return the favour gets the ring.

Or perhaps the way forward is to kill him with kindness. Make that nigga feel bad, remorse and remind him never to cheat again. Not by returning the favour but by turning a complete blank eye. Dance to his tune like you know nothing. Make him all his favourite stuff, give him all his favourite stuff, don’t ever give him a chance to get it elsewhere, but that’s just plain selfish… you know there isn’t enough men to go around for all of us. Maybe polygamy is the way forward.

The check master
On the other hand, chances are that you find her too stuck up in her checklist of finding mister right; he must be tall, handsome, hardworking, has a car, own place, no kids, can cook, good in … no scratch that; excellent in bed… and on goes the list. Life will humble you soon.

The guy
You guys have it easy. Even super ugly guys are hooked up. The tables are in your favour.

Not just because our sex ratio is double what you ought to have, but because on top of that, half of the men seem to love to play for the opposite team so that’s like three for one for your taking. So what’s your excuse?

But maybe, the truth of the matter is that sometimes we like to lie to ourselves that we single and we like it. But no that’s not true, we loath it- most of the time. Possibility is that you’re single because no one wants you, now that’s a hard notch to take.

If I’m wrong, and you still think you are single by choice… could you change your status then by the snap of my finger if I dared you to now? If not, then your singleness isn’t a choice.

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