Sunday 16 May 2021
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Nothing new under the sun

Many of us are trapped in personal fables where we believe that the world cannot understand what we are going through. We enjoy the pity parties that celebrate the tragic incidents of our lives, and of course have an audience to watch, empathize with us and applaud us as we sink deeper into the awful experiences that we choose to carry around.

But hold up! Before you consider yourself bad luck, cursed whatsoever just know that someone else out there has been through that same situation. You are not the first or last one to experience that, it’s simply just your turn.

Several people have been in that same hole and have somehow managed to drag themselves out but just so you know it takes courage. So if they went through that and managed to make it through who are you not to make it?

I do not pride myself in being a writer or an expert in the workings of the universe. Neither do I think that I have the answers to everything. In fact I will admit that there’s a lot of stuff that I really don’t know. There’s still a lot of stuff that I am trying to figure out in my life. But what I do pride myself in is the fact that I’m here and sometimes that’s all we need.

Sometimes we just need someone who is currently at the exact same place that we are or who has been in the exact same place at one point or another.

Someone to hold our hands or pat us on the back and say that “it’s ok” or “I know what it feels like” or “you’ll get through it.” That way I know that everything that happens in my life might someday be an inspiration to someone or maybe even a lesson. It could be a friend or a sibling or maybe the kids I haven’t had yet.

Everyone has a story to tell. Some might be better than what you are going or went through. Some could even be worse but they survived and so will you.

The kind of dirt that life shovels on you is the same kind of dirt that it shoveled on the next person. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. We can get out of the deepest well by not stopping and never giving up. Just shake it off and take a step up, it’s that simple.

I like it when I share a story with a friend and they respond with the “I have been there, done that, and burnt that shirt” line. This in itself is already encouragement, it’s a testimony that that person has been through the same situation and has made it through.

I mean think about the verse in the bible that speaks of nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 reads that ‘what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.’

I find that comforting. The fact that no situation you will ever go through will ever be entirely unique to you. Somebody else went through it and survived so it can’t be all that impossible. In-short there’s hope!

Until then…

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