Monday 14 June 2021
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Life’s Too Short For Ugly Panties


 My mind likes concocting all these funny thoughts, but somewhere in the world out there, it could have happened to one or two girls. Just imagine yourself, crossing Independence Avenue in town during the lunch hour rush. Looking fly in your bottom-red Christian Louboutin stilettos, talking long strides and you feel like a model on the runway. You are feeling yourself because all eyes are on you but then the only thing flying isn’t only your hair, your skirt goes all up in the sky, and what do we have here…granny panties, and are those holes I see in them? Oh no, nothing could be more embarrassing.

Go ahead and throw all those granny panties away, better yet, burn them. I am not saying go around looking for Victoria Secret or go to La Senza in Edgars, I’m just saying, affordable but sexy.

I personally think that any investment worth making for any lady out there, whether in your twenties or sixties, good lingerie is the way forward. I know I also moan every time I see those price tags- I mean its undergarments, most of the time (if not all the time) you are the only one who gets to see what is under there anyway, so why spend soooo much? No girlfriend, good, high quality and SEXY undies are the best support system out there for any lady, any day any time – not just physically but emotionally too. Because, even if you have no intention of showing them off, the thrill of wearing them just gives you this elusive boost to your confidence– which we all know is sexier than anything you could ever wear.

Pearls Are Found Deep Down At the Bottom of the Ocean.  Just because I said sexy panties give your great confidence, it does not mean that you should go around splashing them for all to see. Even the girl in the movie goes to the guy’s office covered in a coat – leave room for a surprise. Stop wearing revealing clothing, if he really wants it, he will dig deep to get it – never make it easy for him.

A walk down the campus stairs is a nightmare for my poor eyes; I just cannot stand the site of panty lines, Lord!! And then they all come in different shapes and sizes, some deep in the valley and off the cliff. There are g-strings and panty-line-less panties out there. The most horrifying one yet, is leggings. Leggings that are super see through, worn with pink underwear or green for that matter, and on top of that; a crop top. Hello! Are there no mirrors at your house or should I perhaps lend you my specs?

“Anytime, anywhere…I can misbehave” 

Ever watched Ariana Grande’s ‘Everyday?’ Well look it up. It should be a reminder that ugly panties are not the way forward. Whether you wear overalls, nurse’s uniform or all tight up in a lawyer’s suit – I suggest that your confidence should always blossom from deep within; you never know who is eyeing you.

So, next time you walk down Independence Avenue, the wind can blow all it wants, it’s okay to give a glimpse of your knickers once in a while, you will make a lot of guys’ day.


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